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Alcatraz Metal Festival
Brielpoort - Deinze, Belgium
August 27 2011

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Where Angels Sufer at the Alcatraz Metal Festival Belgium

After U.D.O., it was time to discover Chris Holmes new band: Where Angels Suffer.

The name of the band is often written as W.A.S., which is a hint to Chris Holmes's past as a founding member of W.A.S.P.

Rich Lewis live with W.A.S. at the Alcatraz Metal Festival Belgium

W.A.S. was the suprise of the day. I didn't expect much but they blew my mind!
It was one of the 3 best concerts of the day, along with U.D.O. and Helloween.

Rich Lewis fronts the band, and he does great! He's go so much strenght in his voice... the kind of voice that just make you go "wow!" when he screams.

Stet Howland and Chris Holmes from Where Angels Suffer, live at Alcatraz Festival

Chris Holmes is an amazing performer. I had the chance to see him once on stage, with L.A. Guns back in 2002. But here, with his own band, he was unchained!
He never stopped headbanging and moving all over the small tent stage.

Moreover, it was a real pleasure to hear him play the solos he composed in the W.A.S.P. years.

Stet Howland on drums with W.A.S.

Another former member of W.A.S.P. joined Holmes in this project: drummer Stet Howland. He has also played with Lita Ford and Joey Belladonna of Anthrax.
He's a real showman! Standing up during the songs behind his drumkit and singing great backing vocals.
Former Metal Church bass player Steve Unger was here tonight. He did a great visual and musical performance.

Ira Black live at the Alcatraz Metal Festival with W.A.S.

The other guitar player was Ira Black, who has previously played with Lizzy Borden and Vicious Rumors.

He's a great guitar player and his stage prescence is impressive! For sure Chris made the right choice when he hired him just a few weeks before this tour!

Where Angels Suffer: Steve Unger and Chris Holmes

Many bands say they give it all on stage, no matter if they play for a large crowd or a small stage. Well, with W.A.S. this is totally true.
They were playing at the small tent stage and it wasn't full, there still was room in the pit for more people to come... but they moved on stage like they were playing for a crowd of thousands!
That's a band that really gives it all.

Chris Holmes live at Alcatraz Metal Festival Belgium with W.A.S.

We all expected a few W.A.S.P. songs on the setlist, and we had some amazing versions of tracks like Hellion or L.O.V.E. Machine.

But the coolest surprise was Animal (F**k Like A Beast).

W.A.S.P. don't play this song anymore so if you wanna get it on stage, you better check the upcoming W.A.S. tourdates. It will be worth!

Steve Unger on bass - Where Angels Suffer at Alcatraz Metal Fest

Where Alngels Suffer delighted us for 50 minutes... which is longer than some (headlining) W.A.S.P. shows.

Now, it was time to see another band from California: Death Angel!
Click here for Death Angel live at Alccatraz Festival.

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Setlist W.A.S. – Alcatraz Metal Festival - Deinze, Belgium – August 27 2011

01. Cardiac Arrest
02. Crying Eagle
03. Wild Child
04. Eye Of The Storm
05. Morning After
06. Hellion
07. L.O.V.E. Machine
08. Animal (F*** Like A Beast)
09. Lust
10. I Wanna Be Somebody

W.A.S. Links:

W.A.S. Website
W.A.S. My Space
W.A.S. CDs on Amazon.comW.A.S. Amazon
W.A.S. CDs at
W.A.S. on Metal Traveller's Flickr
W.A.S. iTunes downloads

W.A.S. Line-up:

Rich Lewis – Vocals
Chris Holmes – Guitars
Ira Black – Guitars
Steve Unger – Bass
Stet Howland – Drums
Ira Black at the Alcatraz Metal Festival, live with W.A.S.
Chris Holmes - Alcatraz Metal Festival Belgium Festival
Chris Holmes on guitars with Where Angels Suffer
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