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Sonisphere Festival
Snowhall Parc - Amneville, France
July 9 2011

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Joey Belladonna from Anthrax live in Amneville

The Big Four started with Anthrax an that was enough to get everyone at the Sonisphere in a state of euphoria!

Anthrax started with their classic Caught In A Mosh.
Their energy is contagious!

Anthrax live with the Big 4 at the Sonisphere Festival in Amneville, France

Joey Belladonna sang very well today, reaching high notes with great feeling.
He showed how happy he was about performing again with Anthrax by making the audience sing and scream.

He shouted that the Big Four was here for us, and he got down to the photographers pit to clap the hands of some lucky folks from the first row.

Frank Bello headbanging on stage with Anthrax

Charlie Benante hit the drums fast, but it was bass player Frank Bello who showed the most his enthusiasm.
He didn’t stop headbanging, while running around the stage and coming back quickly in front of his microphone to sing his vocal lines.
He showed his talent as a musician and as a stage performer.

Rob Caggiano on guitars, live with Anthrax

Guitar player Rob Caggiano gave us some cutting-edge rhythm and lead guitar parts, while pulling faces during his solos.

An essential piece of Anthrax was missing today: Scott Ian didn’t perform on this tour, as he was with his wife attending the birth of their first child.

Andreas kisser from Sepultura headbanging and playing guitars with Anthrax And who replaced Scott? No less than Andreas Kisser from Sepultura!
What a blast! Andreas fit perfectly in the band.
He seemed to have fun on stage, as everyone else, and he performed Ian’s parts as good as one can expect.

At one point, Joey gave the microphone to Andreas.
He said thanks in several languages, and finally counted Un, dos, tres, cuatro so the band started playing Refuse / Resist!
Anthrax covering Sepultura in order to thank Andreas! This shows the mutual respect that those bands have to each other.
Frank Bello on stage live with Anthrax

We all knew that this was a temporary replacement, Scott is now back in Anthrax while Andreas keeps performing with Sepultura.
One thing is certain, Andreas enjoyed his time in the band, he even got an Anthrax tattoo in his arm, next to his Sepultura tattoo.
(Click here to see it)

Joey Belladonna and Andreas Kisser, live with Anthrax

Anthrax setlist included the song Fight'em 'Til You Can't from their forthcoming album Worship Music.
This album has been awaited for such a long time that it was a real pleasure to hear something from it.

They also played Only, and Joey Belladonna did great.

Charlie Benante at the Sonisphere Festival, live with Anthrax

Last time at I saw Anthrax at the Sonisphere Romania they didn’t play any songs from the John Bush era.

The rest of the setlist was made of classic and joyful stuff, with a version of Antisocial shouted by the whole Sonisphere.
This concert was a great start for the Big Four.
I can’t wait for the new album and the following tour to come!

The next band from the Big Four was Slayer, but before that, we had the pleasure to see Volbeat at the Saturn stage.

Click here for Slayer concert review, or click here for Volbeat.

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Setlist Anthrax – Snowhall Parc – Amneville, France – July 9 2011

01. Caught In A Mosh
02. Got The Time
03. Madhouse
04. Antisocial
05. Indians
06. Fight'em 'Til You Can't
07. Only
08. Refuse / Reisist (Sepultura)
09. I Am The Law

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Anthrax Line-up:

Joey Belladonna – Vocals
Andreas Kisser – Guitars
Rob Caggiano – Guitars
Frank Bello – Bass
Charlie Benante – Drums
Frank Bello's birthday - Sonisphere France Festival
Rob Caggiani and Joey Belladonna live at Sonisphere France with Anthrax
Joey Belladonna singing with Anthrax
Rob Caggiano - Anthrax on stage at the Sonisphere Festival France
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