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Alcatraz Metal Festival
Brielpoort - Deinze, Belgium
August 27 2011

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Sascha, Michael and Markus live with Helloween at the Alcatraz Metal Festival Belgium

Vicious Rumors was the last band to play at the tent stage.
The Alcatraz Metal Festival was coming to an end, and there was only one band left: Helloween.
Strange choice for a headliner, most of the other bands played Thrash Metal...

Helloween at the Alcatraz Metal Festival Belgium

The concert started with Helloween's new anthem: Are You Metal?
Sascha, Markus and Weike were standing in a platform beside Dani's drum. Andi was the last to come on stage.

Dani Löble on drums, live with Helloween

The band played under a sumptuous lightshow.
They had a backdrop with the Helloween logo and Dani brought his imposing drumkit with four bass drums.

The sound was quite loud, but much better than for most of the other bands.

Andi Deris live at the Alcatraz Metal Festival with Helloween

Andi Deris did a few funny speeches that made everybody laugh.

For example, he asked if this was the French or the Flemish part of Belgium. As the audience responded "Flemish" he sais "OK, you speak English, you understand what I'm saying so this is definitely not the French part".

March of Time

Andi introduced the band during Future World and said that Markus was playing with a 5-string bass, while everybody knows that Future World can easily be played on 3 strings.

Markus took the microphone and said "But I only have 3 strings!"... and he broke two of them!

Michael Weikath on guitars with Helloween

Andi said that he could make us sing "Future World" all night long, so he made the audience decide how many times we wanted to sing.

The chosen number was four times, but we had to do it very loud because otherwise their "very deaf drummer that doesn't wear earplugs" wouldn't hear us.

Markus Großkopf and Andi Deris live with Helloween

Not many albums were represented on Helloween setlist. There was one song from Time Of The Oath, 3 songs from 7 Sinners, and all the rest came from the Keeper of the 7 Keys albums (Keeper I, Keeper II and The Legacy).
They didn't play a single ballad.
I would have prefered them to drop the guitar and drum solos and fill this space with a couple more songs.

Michael Weikath at the Alcatraz Metal Festival, live with Helloween

In Paris and Oberhausen, fans dressed like Dr Stein were invited on stage during the last song, Dr Stein.

There were no Dr Steins at Alcatraz Fest but they didn't forget to give away some inflatable pumpkins balloons.

Andi Deris out of the light

The show ended with I Want Out and again Andi made us sing. If was fun, but a little bit long. Once again, another song could have filled this space.

I wish they had played a couple more songs, but I don't think anyone was disapointed about this Helloween concert.
Their great performance was perfect way to end this great metal day at the Alcatraz Metal Festival.

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Setlist Helloween – Alcatraz Festival - Deinze, Belgium – August 27 2011

01. Are You Metal?
02. Eagle Fly Free
03. March of Time
——— Guitar Solo ———
04. Where the Sinners Go
05. Steel Tormentor
——— Drum Solo———
06. I'm Alive
07. World Of Fantasy
08. Medley: Keeper of the Seven Keys / King For A Thousand Years / Halloween
09. Future World
10. Dr Stein
11. I Want Out

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Helloween Line-up:

Andi Deris – Vocals
Michael Weikath – Guitars
Sascha Gerstner – Guitars
Markus Großkopf – Bass
Dani Löble – Drums
Sascha Gerstner and Michael Weikath - Alcatraz Metal Festival Belgium Festival
Markus Großkopf bass solo during Eagle Fly Free
Michael Weikath on stage with Helloween
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