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Brielpoort - Deinze, Belgium
August 27 2011

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Forbidden U.D.O. W.A.S
Helstar Helloween Death Angel

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Poster of the Alcatraz Metal Festival 2011 in Deinze, Belgium

My last 2011 summer festival was the Alcatraz Metal Fest.
It's a small indoors event held in the city of Deinze, not far from Ghent, in Belgium.

The Festival is at a place called the Brielpoort, which is very near from Deinze city centre.
The train station is also quite near, so the fest can easily be accessed by public transport or by car.

It's a 1 day festival in the city, so there's no camping ground. Hotels are available in Deinze and in nearby Gent.
We slept at the Formule 1 Hotel, which is nothing special, but it's ccertainly the cheapest hotel in Ghent.

Welcome to the Alcatraz Metal Festival Belgium

There were several food and drink stalls so it's never a long wait to get a beer.

There isn't much choice of food, but it wasn't so bad... especially for a Belgian Festival! (The worst hamburgers I've ever eaten were at Graspop and Schwung Festivals, both in Belgium).

Metal Traveller at Alcatraz Metal Festival

Of course, there's a metal market with a large choice of CD's, T-shirts, vinyls and merchandise.

There were two stages: The Main Stage was inside the hall, and the small Tent Stage that was located outside.

Metalheads at the Alcatraz Metal Festival Belgium

Something I disliked is that the toilets costed 0,30€.

OK, toilets were clean (even at the end of the day), but with all the beer sold, how many times has everyone paid?
No doubt that this was a very good buisiness.

Emperors rof Decay live with Alcatraz Metal Festival

Empreors of Decay was the first band I saw.
They started with the first part of Moonchild from Iron Maiden and ended withI Wanna Be Somebody from W.A.S.P.

Helstar was the first band I saw at the Main stage.
Click here for Helstar pictures review and setlist.

Izegrim live with Alcatraz Metal Festival

I've never heard about the dutch band Izegrim before, but I was very impressed!

I'm not really into Death Metal but I was impressed by their singer.

If the Netherlands are known for bands with female singers, but that's not the kind of voice you would expect!

Maroles from Izegrim, live with Alcatraz Metal Festival

Singer Maroles has a deep and strong gutural voice, contrasting with her angel face... and her voice when she talks between the songs.

I didn't write a full review, but check Izegrim website and facebook page to hear some of their Death metal tunes.

vAlcatraz Metal Festival

It was my first time seeing Forbidden It was a good Thrash Metal injection, but unfortunately the sound wasn't good enough.

Click here for Forbidden pictures review and setlist.

U.D.O. live at the Alcatraz Metal Festival U.D.O. made a powerful set that made everyone sing the classic hymns he played. It was one of my favourite concerts of the day, along with W.A.S. and Helloween.
Click here for U.D.O. pictures review and setlist.
Where Angels Suffer - Alcatraz Metal Festival Belgium Festival

Where Angels Suffer was a great surprise. It was so cool to find that Chris Holmes was doing so well with his new band.
Click here for W.A.S. pictures review and setlist.

Death Angel came from the USA to play this only European Show. An exclusive that can make the Alcatraz Fest proud.
Click here for Death Angel pictures review and setlist.

Vicious Rumors played a long set under the Tent stage.
Click here for Vicious Rumors pictures review and setlist.

Finally, Helloween did the great headliner show that we all were expecting.
Click here for Helloween pictures review and setlist.

Alcatraz Festival ruled!

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Forbidden U.D.O. W.A.S
Vicious Rumors Helloween Death Angel
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