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Le Divan Du Monde - Paris, France
November 17, 2010

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Poster for Lynch Mob live at Divan Du Monde in Paris, France

When Lynch Mob announced that their Smoke And Mirrors European Tour was stopping in Paris, I thought this was going to be a really cool show.

First Jetboy and then Lynch Mob live in the same city, two hard rock concerts just separated by a 4 day gap... I thought that was awesome.

But I was wrong. We all know what a great musician George Lynch is. We all know that his band is good. Then what happened with tonight's show?

The band a did a soundcheck behind a curtain before the show.
Then the curtain went up and a voice screamed "Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Lynch Mob". The band started their show with She's So Evil But She's Mine.

Guitar Workshops with George Lynch

Nothing wrong until then, except that the soundcheck didn't really worked... so the band made another soundcheck, on stage, before playing the next song.

Well any band can have sound problems but usually the sound enginner can manage to solve it within a couple of songs. But when the bands stop playing to tell the engineer what to do it's not good for the atmosphere of a show.

And worst of all, well, the sound got better but still not great.

I also didn't take many pictures because the lights were quite dark.

Mr Scacry George Lynch from Lynch Mob in Paris

Now, the performance of the band. It was OK, but I expected better. Hey, George Lynch is Dokken's historical guitar player!
But maybe I expected too much from him and his band?

George Lynch brought a great line-up, including original Lynch Mob singer Oni Logan.

Brian Tichy, the current drummer of Whitesnake, was playing tonight with Lynch Mob. During his career, this guy has played with people like Billy Idol, Ozzy Osbourne and Slash.

Lynch Mob bass player was Robbie Crane, who I have already seen with his main band, RATT.

But playing with great musicians doesn't guarantee a good show, and tonight there was something missing on the performance, they didn't sound like a band.

Oni Logan from Lynch Mob live in Paris

Lynch Mob played a setlist based mainly on songs from the classic Wicked Sensation album: 5 songs from this record were played.

They also included 3 songs from their latest release Smoke and Mirrors, and of course 3 songs from Dokken, starting with the instrumental Mr Scary.

Not a single song from any other Lynch Mob record was played. Was this a request from Oni Logan or was this George Lynch decision?

The Dokken songs were played by the end of the show, and honestrly it was the best moment of the evening: when the audience screamed louder and when the atmosphere was better.

George Lynch and Robbie Crane from Lynch Mob - live in Paris

Well, Lynch Mob didn't match their reputation tonight.
Something must have been wrong, it's not possible that such good musicians play a show like this.

Probably this was just a one off, maybe I attented the wrong show.
I'll only know if I ever see them again.

Mr Scacry George Lynch with singer Oni Logan - Lynch Mob live in Paris France

And well, the problem is I can't stop thinking about how good were Dokken when I saw them...

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Setlist Lynch Mob – Divan Du Monde - Paris, France – November 17, 2010

01. She's So Evil But She's Mine
02. River of Love
03. Hell Child
04. Let the Music Be Your Master
05. 21st Century Man
06. All I Want
07. We Will Remain
08. Mr. Scary
09. Into The Fire
10. Tooth And Nail
11. Wicked Sensation

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Lynch Mob Line-up:

George Lynch – Guitar
Oni Logan – Vocals
Robbie Crane – Bass
Brian Tichy – Drums
Lynch Mob's soul: George Lynch
George Lynch and Oni Logan from Lynch Mob - Live from Paris
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