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La Java - Paris, France
November 13, 2010

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Poster for Jetboy and Tracy Gang Pussy live in Paris

Remember this San Francisco band named Jetboy? Search for the album Feel The Shake and you'll probably find out that you know some of their songs!

After a 27 year carreer, Jetboy embarked on their first European tour, and their second stop was Paris!

A concert was organized at La Java, a historic Parisian discotheque which is open since the 1920's.
It's a nice place, decorated with murals of famous landmarks from Paris. People like Edith Piaf or Django Reinhardt played here decades ago.
Tonight it was time for Jetboy and the local opening act Tracy Gang Pussy to step on La Java's small stage.

Jetboy live on stage at La Java in Paris

Less than 100 persons attended the show, which is not bad but it's still a shame. The entrance fee was only 9 euro, less expensive than the montly glam parties that are always full.

So my question is, where are the Parisian glam rockers when those bands come to town on a saturday night?

Anyway, thanks to Shotgun Generation records for making this gig happen!

DK Revelle singing live on stage with Jetboy

Singer Mickey Finn, who has been in the band since the begining, decided no to take part on the tour. So basically Jetboy had two options: to cancel the shows, or to go ahead with a new singer.

They were not going to cancel their first European Tour, so they got a new frontman: D.K. Revelle, known for his work with the band Beggars Ball.

Tonight was D.K. Revelle's second concert with Jetboy... and he did an amazing job!

Jes Reckless - Jetboy in Paris

This was my first Jetboy concert and I've never seen the band with Mickey Finn, so I had no previous reference.
The only thing I can tell you is that D.K. Revelle fulfilled completely his role.

He had everything a frontman needs: the voice, the stage prescence and the attitude.

I don't know what are Jetboy's plans regarding their singer. I don't know if Mikkey Finn will be back or if D.K. Revelle will stay, but the truth is D.K. Revelle is an amazing frontman and would have no trouble to keep the band rocking.

Bass player Jes reckless joined the band in 2010, but he's a great addition.
He couldnt stand still, even if the stage was very small. The guy keeps the rythm while headbanging and interacting with the fans, giving picks to the folks of the first rows.

Jessie Mendez from Jetboy live in Paris

On the drums we had Jessie Mendez, who also joined the band in 2010. He has worked with people like Ace Frehley or Jim Gillette, former frontman of Nitro and husband of Lita Ford.

He's got a very groovy style that fits perfectly with the band.

Fernie Rod from Jetboy in Paris

Original guitar player Fernie Rod also gave his best that night.
He took the microphone to say "Paris, it's an honour to be here tonight".

I spoke with him at the end of the show and he told me that Paris was the most important date of the European Tour, a city they always wanted to visit and to play.

He's a huge AC/DC fan, you can see it by the way he moves on stage while playing his solos. Jetboy have covered the song You Shook Me All Night Long for a tribute CD, and tonight they played Sin City.

One thing's for sure: Fernie enjoyed this concert as much as the audience did!

Billy Rowe from Jetboy live in Paris

The other original member of Jetboy playing tonight was guitarist Billy Rowe.

He played great his rythm parts and solos, and his absolute rock'n'roll look compensated the fact that he didn't move a lot on stage.

Jetboy played for about 1 hour and 15 minutes.
The setlist included favourites like Crank It Up, Evil and of course Feel The Shake. At the end of the show, they played a nice version of AC/DC classic Sin City.

Of course some songs were missing, like the classic Make Some Noise. But the Jetboy guys we so pleased, that it seems that they might be coming back to Europe sonner than everyone thinks...

Jes Reckless with a french Jetboy fan on stage

Even if there was not much people, everyone was crazy to see the band for the first time.
A fan got on stage and dance with the band during the song Evil, and she came back for Feel The Shake.

The sound was good, the lights were OK, and the atmosphere was festive. What else do you need to spend a great saturday evening?

D.K. Revelle from Jetboy at La Java in Paris

Jetboy did a great concert that night in Paris. It was a night to remember.
I hope the band will tour in Europe again soon, and that more people will attend their shows.

Take a look at the tourdates on Jetboy's website, and get your backs to a show if they play city near you!

Billy Rowe from Jetboy live in Paris

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Setlist Jetboy – La Java - Paris, France – November 13, 2010

01. Dogs Gotta Roam
02. Heavy Chevy
03. Goin' Down
04. Perfectly Wrong
05. Crank It Up
06. Evil
07. Stomp It Down
08. Snakebite
09. High Gear
10. Ready To Rumble
11. Feel The Shake
12. Sin City (AC/DC)

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Jetboy Line-up:

DK Revelle – Vocals
Fernie Rod – Guitar
Billy Rowe – Guitar
Jes Reckless – Bass
Jessie Mendez – Drums
Fernie Rod from Jetboy live in Paris
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