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About Metaltraveller.com

It’s still an old fashioned website, isn't it? Very little flash animations, no RSS, no PHP, no flashy colours…
Why is this? Well there are two main reasons.
1/ I’m doing this site all by myself and I’ve never learnt about programming before.
2/ This site is not only aimed to people with ultra high speed DSL or cable connections. It’s site is for everyone on earth, and as you might know, in many countries of the world Internet doesn’t run that fast.
So I went to the essentials : pics and text.

Why making this site? Because I’m someone who has had the chance to do a lot of very rewarding things, and instead of keeping them just for myself, I prefer to share these exceptional moments I’ve lived.
What I write about the countries I’ve visited and about the shows I’ve seen are personal impressions. Shall you disagree, you can always contact me and discuss about it. That’s what this site is about : sharing impressions, ideas and memories.

Planning ahead and knowing the tourist sector are the best keys to travel for a fair price. Really discounted prices for travel exist, particularly in Europe, South East Asia and North America. Sometimes you can find flights sometimes for as little as 10€, you can find a youth hostel, a budget hotel or a camping ground for less. It is possible to spend a weekend in Europe for some 50 € or even less per person (including airfare, taxes, a bed, food and a couple of beers).
If you keep an eye on your every day’s life budget (to party and eat at home is a good start) and find an airline deal, you can easily travel more than what you think.

Why travel independently? First of all because generally speaking, it’s cheaper (although some package offers are in fact the best deals).
Second, because that way you are free. Free to see what you want and what you like, free to stay as much or as less as you feel, free to take your time and stay longer at the place of your choice.
The third reason, is that this is the way to get to know the local people and to feel a glimpse of how life goes on there. Of course this depends on what you seek.
If after months of work you just want a week off at the beach, it’s fine to take a package tour.
If you want to see a number of sights on a limited time and not getting worried about finding a hotel and communicating in a foreign language, it’s fine to take a package tour.
But if you want some real travel, which means to see a country in a deeper way, getting to know it’s people besides the tourist sights... then make all travel arrangements yourself.
It takes more time, but It’s also more rewarding.

What about travel guides? I usually have one. But some people prefers to go without a guide and grab information on the way.
This forces you to communicate with locals, which is good, but you might miss some sights on a spot you might never return to...… I’ll tell you more later...Enjoy!

Travel news:

Greenland on metaltraveller.com: Bratthalid, Narsarsuaq Museum ,Itilleq, Tasiusaq,Qassiarsuk, Qooroq Ice Fjord, Gardar and a hike around Igaliku.

Deinze and Ghent in Belgium.

Tayrona Park and Taganga in Colombia

Easter season in Montenegro.

The Netherlands withVenlo, Delft and Eindhoven.

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