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Bataclan - Paris, France
June 20, 2010

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Slash and his hat - live at the Bataclan in Paris

Slash was on tour in Europe for his album solo with his new band.
Quite late, he was scheduled at the Hellfest, which was great news.

A few days later, it was announced that he also will play in Paris… the next day.
That was bad news: It still during the Hellfest, the same day KISS was scheduled!
So there was a hard choice to make: KISS at the Hellfest or Slash in a club?

Slash live in Paris

Well, I chose to see Slash. I had seen KISS a month earlier in Prague and never seen Slash in a small venue. I didn’t regret my choice!
Two Slash gigs on the same weekend, that's something I couldn't refuse!

Slash did a very good show.
His setlist combined songs from his solo album, from Velvet Revolver, from Slash’s Snakepit, and of course from Guns’N’Roses!

Myles Kennedy live in Paris with Slash

The sound was good and well balanced. What a pleasure to hear that distinctive guitar sound, the one that made Guns’N’Roses famous!

Slash’s solo included the theme from the Godfather, and at one point I thought that I was seeing the Use Your Illusion Tour (Which I had the chance to see when I was 12 years old!)!

The musicians are all very good, but few people seemed to care about them, everyone was there for Slash, no matter who else was playing!

Todd Kerns with an Alice Cooper shirt - playing on Slash band

The Bataclan was sold out and completely packed.
I think I’ve never seen so many people in this place!

The lights were a little bit better at usual at the Bataclan, but still it was quite dark.
I don’t know why, but I’ve never seen a band with a good lightshow at this venue.

The previous day at the Hellfest a lot of people were expecting a jam between Alice Cooper and Slash.
I was hoping that Alice would invite him on stage for a tune or two.

Well, it didn’t happen there, but the contrary happened tonight! Alice Cooper got on stage by the end of the show for a tremendous version of School’s Out!
It was faboulous to see those two rock legends on stage!

Bobby Schneck playing guitar with Slash

A very long version of Paradise City concluded the concert.
Slash improvised a lot at the end and the final solo was very long.

Slash’s 1995 tour was called Ain’t It Good To Be Alive.
This tour was called We’re All Gonna Die.

Is it a hint to Axl Rose to tell him that they need to play together again someday? I don’t think so.

To be honest, I believe Axl Rose when he says that there will never be a reunion, even if I hope it will happen sometime.

Slash live in concert

But what I know is that is Slash plays in clubs while Axl sells out arenas all around the world, is because Axl uses the Guns’n’Roses name.

There can’t be any other singer in Guns’N’Roses. But also, as much as I respect Bumblefoot and Richard Fortus, Slash will always be GnR’s guitar player!
I've seen Guns'n'Roses several times lately, and even if it was good, I've always felt that something was missing.

Slash is back, he’s alive and well. How’s Axl doing? We’ll find out this autumn!

Slash and Myles Kennedy live

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Setlist Slash – Bataclan - Paris, France – June 20, 2010

01. Ghost
02. Meanbone
03. Nightrain
04. Suckertrain Blues
05. Back from Cali
06. Beggars & Hangers on
07. Civil War
08. Rocket Queen
09. Fall to pieces
10. Dirty little thing
11. Nothing to say
12. Starlight
13. Watch this
-- Slash solo + Theme From The Godfather
14. Sweet child O' mine
15. Rise Today
16. Slither
16. By the sword
17. Communication Breakdown
18. School's Out (with Alice Cooper)
19. Paradise City

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Slash Line-up:

Slash – Guitars
Myles Kennedy – Vocals + Guitars
Bobby Schneck – Guitars
Todd Kerns – Bass
Brent Fitz – Drums
Brent Fitz and Slash live in Paris
Alice Cooper and Slash live
Alice Cooper, Slash and Dave Henning - School's Out in Paris
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