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Concerts by Year
Concerts 2009
Without any doubt, 2010 is an exceptional year!
Iron Maiden, Accept, Twisted Sister, AC/DC, KISS, Scorpions, Anvil, anf of course for the very first time the Big Four: Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax together!
Concerts 2009
2009 was a great year! I could see the return AC/DC, the last gig of Running Wild, plus tours by Metallica, Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, Heaven and Hell, Mötley Crüe, Manowar, Lordi, Edguy and a few other Metal acts and Legends!
Concerts 2008
2008 was a great year, with the Iron Maiden Somewhere back in time tour and the festivals: I saw Poison for the first time, and bands like Def Leppard, Hanoi Rocks, KISS, Megadeth, Helloween with Gamma Ray, Metallica...
Concerts 2007
In 2007 I could see some great shows: Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, Aerosmith, Therion, Metallica, Skid Row, Adam Bomb, Slayer, The Rolling Stones, J.BO., Beatallica and summer festivals like the Graspop and Werchter.
Concerts 2006
2006 was the return of Guns n'Roses, but I also saw great bands like Status Quo, Alice Cooper, Motörhead, Lordi, Whitesnake, Def Leppard, Iron Maiden, Pretty Maids, King Diamond, MSG, Doro, Stream Of Passion...
Concerts 2005
In 2005 took place the Iron Maiden "Eddie Rips up the World" tour. I went to the Mystic Festival and the Gods Of Metal, where I saw for the first time Mötley Crüe and Accept.
Concerts 2004
In 2004 I went to the Gods Of Metal Festival. I saw Skid Row for the first time and attended shows from Running Wild, J.B.O.
Concers 2003
In 2003 took place the Twisted Sister reunion. It was also my first Sweden Rock, and the first time i saw Whitesnake, The Quireboys, Anthrax, The Doors, Onkel Tom...
Concerts 2002
In 2002 I saw for the first time L.A. Guns, Thin Lizzy, The Rolling Stones...
concerts 2001
In 2001 I saw playing live for the first time bands like Motorhead, Judas Priest , WASP, Savatage... It was my first Graspop, Wacken, Bang Your Head and Gods Of Metal festivals.

In 2000 I saw for the first time some bands I love, like AC/DC, Saxon, Dio, Deep Purple, Gamma Ray, Running Wild, Dokken, Slayer ... And I had the chance to see Pantera.

1999 was an amazing year! I saw 3 times the Iron Maiden Ed Hunter Tour, saw Megadeth for the first time, as well as bands like Metallica, Sinergy, Paradise Lost, Machine Head, Children Of Bodom, Stratovarius and more.

1997 - 1998
In 1997 I saw one of the last gigs of the Kiss Reunion Tour with the original line-up. I also saw Def Leppard, Kreator and Testament back in those days.

1996 and before
My first concert was Guns'n'Roses, on the Use Your Illusion Tour in 1992. My first Iron Maiden show was in 1996, with Helloween. I also saw Cathedral back in those days.