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Welcome to the 2013 South America Trip! For most of 2013, we'll be on the road to complete the trip of a lifetime: Patagonia to Mexico, via some marvels like Iguazu Falls, the Atacama Desert, Uyuni salt Lake, Macchu Picchu, Easter Island, Nazca Lines, the Amazon River and more.
Scroll down for the map, plus some info on costs and planning.

Stay tuned for articles and pictures every week!

Part 1: Leaving Paris

Part 2: Luxemburg

Part 3: Rio de Janeiro (1 and 2)

Part 4: Iguaçu: city & Falls

Part 5: Puerto Iguazú

Part 6: Ciudad del Este

Part 7: Encarnación

Part 8: Trinidad

Part 9: Asunción

Part 10: Around Asunción

Part 11: Trelew

Part 12: Punta Tombo


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