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Entrance to the Parque Nacional do Iguaçu Bookmark and Share

The three most famous waterfalls in the world are probably Niagara, Iguaçu and Victoria Falls.
Which one of those is the most imposing?

Concrete surrounded Niagara doesn’t even qualify. I’ve never been to Victoria but my girlfriend has, and she said that Iguaçu is definitely the winner.

Hotel das Cataratas in Foz do Iguaçu

The National Park is very easy to reach with public transport. It’s the last stop of city bus 120, the same one that goes to the airport. Brazilians and Mercosur nationals get discounts on the entrance fee.

Once inside the park, we were taken on a bus to where the trails begin.
We got down at the first stop, in front of the Hotel das Cataratas.
This hotel is a nice colonial-style building, not like the awful concrete block called Sheraton on the Argentinean side.

Coati in Iguaçu We started to hear the noise of the waterfalls in the distance, and between the trees we had a first glimpse of the falls.

We were admiring them but suddenly, a cute little animal appeared: the coati.
When visiting Iguaçu, coatis are always near!
They can be found along the trails, but the most common places to see them are near the cafeterias!
They spend hours there , waiting to be fed.
They don’t fear humans. They can appear under the table, or even take the seat next to you if it’s free.
Coati looking for food

It is forbidden to feed the coatis, but still some people do. And anyway, they know how to get what they want.

Some coatis hang out near the litter bins. Others just take what they want.
We witnessed a very funny scene: a mother just bought his son a pack of fries.
As they were about to go, a coati hidden behind a plant suddenly took the fries and ran away to a calm spot, behind a tree, where he opened the pack and ate them all.

That made everyone laugh... except the boy.

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Panorama of the Iguaçu Falls, as seen from the Brazilian side

When we started our visit there was some light rain, but after we had lunch, huge clouds covered the sky and a thunderstorm started to growl!

We found refuge inside a small cafeteria, which quickly filled up with soaked people and hungry coatis.

It rained heavily for more than an hour.

The panorama was dramatic and the feeling was striking. Water, water, everywhere... We were almost part of the waterfall.

A spider in Iguaçu

When the rain stopped we continued our way. Many people left the park because of the rain, so we were only a bunch of visitors left. It was a privilege to have the National Park almost for ourselves.

As we got closer to the falls, the sound of pouring water became louder and louder. Finally, we found ourselves at the foot of a huge waterfall, and that’s the kind of sight that leaves you breathless.

Because of the rain, there was a huge amount of water coming down. White water meeting white clouds.
This sight, combined with the thunderous sound, is something I’ll never forget.

Garganta do Diablo Waterfall in Iguaçu

Another path goes to a viewpoint from where one can see the Garganta do Diablo. Prepare to get wet! The view is stunning, but this one is better seen from the Argentinean side.

The Devil’s Throat is the largest and the most famous of all the waterfalls in Iguaçu.

The number of waterfalls in Iguaçu depends on the season. There are up to 270 in the wet season, and around 150 when it’s dry.

Boats getting close to the falls

People looking for extreme sensations can get very close to the falls in small boats. Other activities include boat tours and rafting, but for us being here was enough.
What we wanted to do is to go to the Argentinean side to complete our visit.

We stayed in the park until it was about to close, and on the way to the hostel it started to rain again!
It rained heavily all night. I had never seen such a strong thunderstorm! But we were lucky because all the following days were really sunny.

Hibiscus flower and the Iguaçu Waterfalls

Click here for Puerto Iguazú and the Argentinean side of Iguaçu.

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Rainbow in Iguaçu
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