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Year off in South America
January 2013

France Flag 13 Years land a half eaving in Paris: The end France Flag

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The building where I used to live in Paris Bookmark and Share

I left Paris!
I lived in this city for 4884 days. After almost 14 years here, I’m leaving.

Living in Paris was once a dream, and now I’m moving, as I look forward to realize other dreams.

Avenue de Villiers in Paris

For a quite some time I’ve been thinking about making a long trip, but it’s not an easy decision to make.

It’s certainly easier to take a year off when being a student. Afterwards, there’s the job, the rent, and little by little one get used to some comfort, so it’s harder to give it all away.

The problem is that when you're a student, you've got time but you've got no money. And later, when you work, you've got money but you have no time!

On Avenue de Villiers

In my case, I moved to Paris for my studies back in 1999. When I finished, I was offered a nice job, then I changed for better one, and so time went by. And I was quite comfortable with this situation.

But even if I have always managed to travel a lot, I knew that getting to some places would require more time than a holiday break would allow.

It was not an easy decision to leave everything behind, but if we wanted to do this kind of trip, then we’d have to do it now.

Time to move our stuff

We decided that it was finally time to get away from it all.
There were 3 main problems: time, money and uncertainty about the future.
But well, you only live once, so we definitely knew it was time to leave.
So, we saved as much money as we could, left the job and, well, I’m sure we’ll manage to find something when we’ll be back in Europe!

Of course, there’s been a lot of planning: checking airline cheapest fares, trying to figure a logical itinerary and moving our stuff.

Find cheap flights to Paris
The cat wanted to go with us

The last days in Paris were short and stressful.
I felt I hadn’t time for anything.

But in fact, I still managed to do almost everything I had to do.

During the last 3 weeks, the only thing I did was running...

What used to be my own twilight hall

I went to the office until the day before leaving, went twice to the doctor for vaccinations, made a business trip to Germany, packed and moved my stuff to 3 different places, sold a few items that I didn’t need anymore, partied with my friends at my favourite Argentinean bar, waited for the end of the world on 21/12 with a cold beer at the bar, went to 3 concerts (Rhapsody, Doro and Fozzy), did 2 interviews (Helloween and Saxon), found all the Christmas gifts, partied for Christmas and the new year, left the cat with a friend, booked some hotels for the first nights on the road, cancelled the electricity and phone contracts, spent time with my family... I think I only forgot to sleep.

Empty room in Paris

The plan was to travel for about a year. We first thought about making a world tour, starting in South America and then heading to Asia before getting back to Europe.

But when we realized how many places we wanted to visit in South America, we decided to stick to one continent.

Therefore, we will be travelling all around Latin America, from Brazil to Mexico, with a few months in Colombia, which is the country where I was born.
The Thunder Gate of the Sensō-ji Temple in Paris

We leave from Luxemburg because it was much cheaper than flying out of Paris.

The first stop in South America will be Rio de Janeiro, before going down to Iguazu.

There, we’ll cross into Paraguay, and we’ll keep heading south to Patagonia, on both Argentina and Chile sides.

After that we’ll spend some time in Buenos Aires, probably crossing to Uruguay.

Then we’re flying to Easter Island, back to Northern Chile and then Bolivia.

Peru is next, and from there we will go to Ecuador and Central America: Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala.

Finally, we’ll land in Colombia to spend some time in this country, and from there we might fly to Mexico for a few weeks, where part of my family lives.

How does it sound for 2013?

Anyone wants this old table?

I’ll tell you about ticket prices later but believe me: we spent only a fraction of the amount you’re thinking! I’ll bring you as many pictures as possible so start here with Luxemburg!Bookmark and Share

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