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Trips 2009
This year I have already been to Serbia (including Kosovo), Germany, Sweden and Spain.
Asia is coming next!

Trips 2008
A summer in the Middle East with my best friend, my first time arctic lands, and a glimpse from South America...
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Trips 2007
Back to Asia, this time with some friends. First time in Croatia, Bosnia and Mexico...
Trips 2006
A long trip to Asia, first time in Australia, Christmas in Israel and Palestine and a few days in Colombia.
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Trips 2006
An unbelievable family meeting in Georgia, my first time in Asia, a taste of the Middle East, and a few days in the Caribbean... This was 2005.

Trips 2006
I visited Bulgaria and Greece for the first time. I spent a few days in Italy, Germany and Latvia. But I also got to some far away lands like Venezuela, Canada and Burkina Faso...

In 2003 I didn't go too far.
I travelled to Estonia, Finland, Switzerland, Italy and Sweden.
The longest trips I did were to Spain and to the island of Corsica.

First time in Africa: I went to Egypt.
I also went back to the USA. This year was also my first time in Denmark. I also spent a few days in Germany and Austria.

2001 and before
Everything has a start. First there were family holidays, then I started to discover the world...
Colombia, France, Germany, Switzerland and Spain came first.