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Going To Brazil
April / May 2008

Brazil Flag Salvador Bahia - Part 2 Flag Brazil

The Beach in Barra, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil We stopped for lunch not far fromthe Farol de Barra, in front of the beach. Food was delicious, as you can imagine I ordered seafood.

The restaurant was packed with Brazilians; the only foreigners we saw were from Germany and from Argentina.

The beaches in the Barra neighbourhood are nice, but can get crowded.
Rocks by the Beach in Barra, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
Farol de Barra, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil The Farol de Barra is one of the landmarks of Salvador.
Forte De São Diogo, Salvador, Brazil At the foot of Barra hill you find the Forte De São Diogo.
The round towers remind the Spanish and Portuguese forts of Cartagena, La Habana, Macau or Manila, but the main difference is the colour. Its white colour gives the impression to be a particular castle, not a military construction.

Forte De São Diogo was built to protect the Old Village Port, today known as Porto Da Barra.
Sunset by the sea in Salvador Bahia, Brazil  
Colourful telephone, Salvador, Brazil  
Feel like in China at Macau Restaurant, Salvador, Brazil If you come from China and want to feel like home, then this is place. Macau restaurant is owned by people from Macau, the former Portuguese colony in China.

It's crazy what created European colonization; People from such different and far away countries like Brazil, Angola or Macau speak the same language and have some cultural similarities inherited from the Portuguese.
Street art in Salvador, Brazil Salvador is said to be the most African state of Brazil. There was much immigration, not only during conquistadors’ times, but also in recent times. I read that there are lots of families from Angola living in Brazil, especially in Salvador and Rio.

Brazil is such a huge country and each state has his cultural signs and population. In Salvador there is a lot of black people, which we didn’t see in Recife.
Wall Paintings, Salvador, Brazil Food is also influences by Africa and one of the symbols of the city that you see in every souvenir shop, is a black woman wearing a colourful African dress. I think this comes from the Carnival. Music is also influenced by Africa.

Salvador is the state of the Capoeira.
Graffiti and street art in Salvador, Brazil