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Going To Brazil
April / May 2008

Flag Brazil Salvador Bahia (part 1) Flag Brazil

Blue Church in Itapua, Brazil The Sofitel Salvador is in the district of Itapua.
This square with this blue church lies in front on the Itapua beach, where we used to go to eat.
We didn't visited it but passed in front of it every night.
On the road in Salvador, Brazil Salvador is a huge city. As the hotel was far from downtown, we rented a car.
Itís not how I usually travel but this time it allowed us to see more, and was maybe the same price than taking taxis or buses to town all the time.

Itís very pleasant to drive straight down the beach avenue in Salvador, with the sea to your left.

When approaching Salvadorís downtown, there are a lot of beautiful houses, nice beaches and restaurants.
Houses by the sea, Salvador, Brazil If you want some statistics, Salvador is Brazil's
Rio Branco Palace, Salvador, Brazil Rio Branco Palace, Salvador, Brazil
Lacerda Elevator from the upper city, Salvador, Brazil The Lacerda Elevator connects the upper and the lower parts of Salvador.
You also climb the stairs but I've heard this is dangerous, so it's better to pay a few cents and take the elevator.

In front of the elevator in the lower part you have the Mercado Modelo. In the upper city you have the Pelourinho, Salvador's historic center.
Lacerda Elevator from the lower city, Salvador, Brazil  
Salvador's port, Brazil  
Mercado Modelo, Salvador, Brazil The Mercado Modelo is the art craft market of Salvador.
There are not only tourists, many locals do their shopping there too.

You have anything from Bahia and Brazil that you may want to take back home: clothes, musical instruments, books, all kinds of souvenirs, food, drinks...
Inside the Mercado Modelo, Salvador, Brazil We spent at least an hour there, while waiting for the rain to stop.

We took the elevator up to the Pelourinho and it started to rain again, so we decided to have lunch. We found a good restaurant not far from the main square, serving some exquisite seafood for a price that Iíll never see at home.

We spent most of the day wandering up and down through the Pelourinho.