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Le Zénith - Paris, France
November 4, 2009

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Lemmy from Motörhead live at The Zénith

Whatís happening? Motörhead playing again at the Zťnith in Paris not even a year after their previous show?
Here in the same city and the same venue?
On the same tour, without a new album to promote?

Well, thatís great news, and of course I wasnít going to miss it!

Phil Campbell and Lemmy with Motörhead in Paris

When you go to a Motörhead show, you know what youíre into, and you canít get wrong: 100% pure rockíníroll. And thatís what tonightís show was about.

Mikkey Dee in Paris

Very few lights, only a backdrop with the cover of the latest album MotŲrizer.
Last time they had a giant screen showing images on some songs.

Sometimes Motörhead show up with the Bomber.
Sometimes they have some pyro.

There was nothing of this sort this time, just a loud guitar, a bass plugged to the Murder One, and a thundering drum.

Lemmy from Motörhead in Paris

Is that enough? Of course it is, itís Motörhead, and itís only RockíníRoll.
But thime maybe there was something missing. I donít know what, maybe a bit of feeling.

After over a year touring, they havenít changed the setlist that much. So the songs were perfectly interpreted, but there was no room for improvisation.

Phill Campbell with Motörhead in Paris

For the very first time, I had an impression of dťjŗ-vu on a Motörhead show.
Hey, but this doesnít mean that it wasnít good!

Take KISS or Iron Maiden, they always do the same concert (regarding lights, setlist and pyrotechnics) once they start a tour, but itís always great!
You don’t get the chance to see a legend like Lemmy every day, a totally unique guy, the incarnation of Rock’n’Roll.

Mikkey Dee and Lemmy from Motörhead live at The Zénith

And when he says that Mikkey Dee is the best drummer in the Rock’N’Roll, well, he might not be that far from the truth.

Lemmy also reminded us that Phill Campell has been in Motörhead for the last 25 years. They, that’s a lot, Motörhead had been around for 34 years at this time.

He’s the one that moves the more on stage.
Of course Lemmy is Motörhead’s frontman, but Phill to me is their showman.

Whorehouse Blues

So, I will say that this Motörhead show was “Another Perfect Day”.
Maybe too perfect for Motörhead. Yes, the concert was great, but it was just “one more Motörhead concert ”.

I hope next time they’ll do a few setlist changes, a few more lights, and it should be even better.

Lemmy or Steve Harris?

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Setlist Motörhead – The Zénith, Paris, France – November 4, 2009

01. Iron Fist
02. Stay Clean
03. Be My Baby
04. Rock Out
05. Metropolis
06. Over The Top
07. One Night Stand
08. I Got Mine
09. The Thousand Names Of God
10. Another Perfect Day
-- Drum Solo --
11. Just 'Cos You Got The Power
12. Going To Brazil
13. Killed By Death
14. Bomber
15. Whorehouse Blues
16. Ace Of Spades
17. Overkill

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Motörhead Line-up:

Lemmy - Vocals / Bass
Phill Campbell - Lead Guitars
Mikkey Dee- Drums
Mikkey Dee!
Motörhead says "Thank you Paris"
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