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Le Zénith - Paris, France
November 26, 2008

Lemmy from Motorhead in Paris - November 26, 2008 Strangely enough, Motorhead didn’t play the Sweden Rock festival in 2008 or any other summer festival I went to.
Therefore, this was my first and only Motorhead concert of the year.
Needless to say, I was waiting for it.

The (not so) funny thing is that I almost missed it… I wanted to buy a ticket at the venue but the pit was sold out, and I didn’t want to see the show seated...
Moreover seats were more expensive than standing tickets.

I missed the opening act, Danko Jones. I was really looking forward to see him but I guess I’ll have to wait.
Phill Campbell from Motorhead in Paris - November 26, 2008
Finally, as I was about to buy a seat-numbered ticket, someone came with an extra standing ticket and I could make to the show, only five minutes before Motorhead starts!

There were some 3 or 4000 people on this 7000 capacity venue. It was far from being totally sold out. But everyone was screaming when the band came on stage and Lemmy introduced it as usual “Good Evening, We are Motorhead! And We play Rock n’Roll!”. After those mythical words the band began to play; and what a way to start a show: Iron Fist as the first song!
Phill Campbell live with Motorhead in Paris The background consisted on the cover of the latest Motorhead Album, Motorizer.

On top there were two giant screens, which displayed the covers of the albums during the first 4 songs.
After those tunes, the screens showed the band on stage as they played.

The sound was not that great at the beginning, but went better a few songs.

The setlist included some rare songs, as well as the all-time Motorhead classics that they can’t stop playing.
Phill Campbell from Motorhead in Paris - November 26, 2008
Lemmy is still one of the best performers in Rock n’Roll. He’s got a unique sound, a unique voice, and loves to joke between the songs.

He reminded the audience that Phill Campell has been in the band for more than 20 years now! That’s a career.

Even if he wasn’t there at the beginning he has contributed a lot to Motorhead’s success and sound.

He demonstrated tonight what a great guitar player he is.
Lemmy and his Murder One -  Motorhead in Paris - November 26, 2008 Lemmy introduced Mikkey Dee not as the best drummer in Rock n’Roll, as he usually does.
This time he was awarded the title of the best drummer in the world!
Indeed, Mikkey did an absolutely amazing drum solo, and his performance all along the show was excellent.

Some were expecting a jam with Danko Jones, but there were no special guests tonight. Just Motorhead, just rock n’roll.

To sum up this evening, let’s say it was Another Perfect day!
Mikkey Dee from Motorhead in Paris - November 26, 2008 A friend of mine went to the Guinness Tavern after the show and… guess what? Mikkey Dee was there!

He even jammed for two songs with the local band on stage! I wish I could have seen that.
Lemmy Kilmister and the famous Murder One

Setlist Motorhead – Le Zenith - Paris, France – November 26, 2008

01. Iron Fist
02. Stay Clean
03. Be my Baby
04. Rock Out
05. Metropolis
06. One Night Stand
07. Over the Top
08. I got mine
09. The thousand Names of God
10. Another Perfect Day
11. Civil War
12. Tragedy
13. Just Cause You've Got The Power
14. Going to Brazil
15. Killed by Death
16. Bomber
17. Whorehouse Blues
18. Aces of Spades
19. Overkill
Accoustic session: Motorhead playing Whorehouse Blues
Phill, Lemmy and Mikkey thanking the crowd Lemmy - Vocals & Bass
Phill Campbell - Lead Guitars
Mikkey Dee- Drums

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