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Zénith - Paris, France
March 17 2012

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Bryan Adams live in Paris

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I'm sure many people never expected to see a review of Bryan Adams on this website!
If you're one of those, I only have one page to convience you that Bryan Adams is a real rocker and his career is not only about love songs.

Bryan Adams and Keith Scott livve in Paris

The Zénith was not sold-out but still it was very well filled. There were lots of gils, some of them with their boyfriends, a certain number of rockers and a few metalheads.

At the begining of the show the crowds didn't move much, but it only took a few songs to get everyone in the mood.
The audience reacted to most of the songs, sometimes dancing, sometimes raising the hands, but always singing the words loud.

Bryan Adams and Gary Breit live

The sound was excellent. Without any doubt, one of the best I ever had at the Zénith.
Bryan alternated Gretsch, Les Paul and Fender guitars, while Keith Scott played mostly Fender. On Keyboards and piano, Gary Breit also provided an essential touch.

The lightshow was quite riginal. There were very few spotlights, and most of them white. At some points, only four spotlights were hitting the stage from above. But there was a huge screen on the rear of the stage and this was the real lightshow.

Keith Scott and Bryan Adams guitar duel

The band played song after song without any time outs, alternating ballads and rock songs.
Those guys have energy to spare! They had a real rock'n'roll attitude, from the way of holding the guitar, to the fact they moved a lot and ran all over the stage.

The concert lasted slightly more than two hours! and from the begining to the end, they gave it all.

Mickey Curry: In The Kitchen drum solo!

This show had everything one could expect from a hard rock show: for example a skull decal on the bass drum, a guitar duel, and a drum solo!

Have you ever dreamed of playing a drum solo in your own kitchen? Well, Mickey Curry makes this dream come true! A drum solo with pots and pans never sounded so good, the result was pretty impressive. When you're good at something, you can do it anywhere!

Caroline, Bryan Adam's special guest for the Paris show

There was an unexpected guest on this show. Until she got on stage, nobody knew who would it be!
Bryan asked if someone knew the words of the song When You're one, and would like to sing it on stae.
He took a careful and detailed look at the hysterical girls wanting to get on stage, and he finally made his choice.

The girl's name was Caroline, and now she can say that she did a duet with Bryan Adams!
She also won a pair of Bryan Adams official T-shirts, for her and her boyfriend.

Bryan Adams and Caroline singing When You're Gone

A few years ago it was normal to see hands holding lighters during the ballads. Nowadays, people prefer to show their cellphones screens!
Well another suprise was the number of people holding lights on spontaniously on several ballads. I felt like being back to a not so distant past...

After an electrifying version of The Way You Make Me Feel, the band said goodbye and left Bryan alone.
He played acoustic versions of the last two songs on his own. It was a strange way to end the concert, but I liked it!

Bryan Adams live in Paris

I always thought that Bryan Adams was a rocker, but after seeing this show, I have absolutely no doubt about it!
Don’t underestimate this guy just because his ballads are hits on the radio! Bryan Adams is ready to give a lesson to anyone interested!
His band rocks much harder than many hard rock bands!

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Setlist Bryan Adams – Zénith - Paris, France – March 17 2012

01. House Arrest
02. Somebody
03. Here I Am
04. Remember
05. Can't Stop This Thing We Started
06. Thought I'd Died And Gone To Heaven
07. Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?
08. Hearts On Fire
09. Do I Have to Say the Words
10. 18 'til I Die
11. Back to You
12. Summer of '69
13. If You Wanna Leave Me (Can I Come Too?) / Touch The Hand
——Drums solo on pots and pans ————
14. (Everything I Do) I Do It for You
15. Cuts Like a Knife
16. When You're Gone
17. Heaven
18. The Only Thing That Looks Good on Me Is You
19. Cloud #9
20. Run to You
21. There Will Never Be Another Tonight
22. The Way You Make Me Feel (Ronan Keating cover)
23. Straight from the Heart
24. All for Love

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Bryan Adams Line-up:

Bryan Adams – Vocals / Guitars
Keith Scott – Guitars
Norm Fisher – Bass
Mickey Curry – Drums
Gary Breit – Keyboards
Bryan Adams live in Paris
Bryan Adams in France, live in Paris
Keith Scott on guitars with Bryan Adams
Bryan Adams with his acoustic guitar
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