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Zénith - Paris, France
July 12, 2011

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Just over a year has passed since Slash concerts at the Bataclan and the Hellfest, and he was already back in town!
This time, a larger venue was booked: the Zénith.

Myles Kennedy and Brent Fitz live in Paris

In 2011, I had the chance to see Steven Adler in February, Duff McKagan in June, and now Slash... plus Guns'n'Roses in Paris and Belgium in september 2010.
That's incredible as, GnR has always been one of my favourite bands!

Well, the Slash concert was sold-out.

Bobby Schneck on guitars with Slash in Paris

The band started with a great and unexpected surprise: Been There Lately from Slash's Snakepit second album!

This was followed by Guns'nRoses classic Nightrain, and finally Ghost from Slash's latest album.

That was an incredible way to start a show! What a set!

Todd Kerns on bass with Slash in Paris

But what could have been one of the concerts of the year gave us some frustrations.

First, the sound was quite bad. It got a little bit better by the middle of the show but it still was bad. Some say it's the Zénith because X Japan also had an awful sound here a couple of week earlier.
But I would blame the sound engineer rather than the venue, because Judas Priest had a great sound when they played at the Zénith last june...

The ghost that hides in your soul... Rock 'n' Roll

Second, the lights. The stage was almost dark, the musicians were allmost shadows. Seriously, the only venue where I've seen such bad lights before is the Bataclan!

But well, the musicians did a great job so we all could enjoy the show, even if the conditions could have been improved.

Myles and Slash - Slash live in Paris

The setlist was incredible and there were a lot of changes in comparaison to the last year tour.
We had songs from Slash, Snakepit, Guns'n'Roses, Velvet Revolver and even Alter Bridge!

Instead of It's So Easy, the band interpreted Mr Brownstone and Patience, two immortal GnR classics.
They did well, but Myles Kennedy still has to make some efforts to get Patience the right way...

Todd Kerns and Slash live in Paris

During one his speechesn Slash recalled a concert in Paris while opening for AC/DC. He stated that it was not an easy band to work with, and that it wasn't easy to open their show...


Slash live in Paris

Well, It was a really cool evening with an amazing and long show: about 2 hours!

Once again, the only problems were the sound and the lights, but one you closed your eyes and only listened to the music... it was just magical!

Next Slash show... 3 days later in Madrid! Review and (better) pictures coming soon!

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Setlist Slash – Zénith – Paris, France – July 12, 2011

01. Been There Lately
02. Nightrain
03. Ghost
04. Mean Bone
05. Back From Cali
06. Rocket Queen
07. Civil War
08. Nothing To Say
09. We're All Gonna Die
10. Speed Parade
11. Starlight
12. Promise
13. Watch This
14. Rise Today
15. Patience
16. Sweet Child O' Mine
17. Slither
18. By The Sword
19. Mr. Brownstone
20. Paradise City

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Slash Line-up:

Slash – Guitars
Myles Kennedy – Vocals + Guitars
Bobby Schneck – Guitars
Todd Kerns – Bass
Brent Fitz – Drums
Slash and his top hat in Paris
Myles Kennedy singing with Slash in Paris
Slash live in Paris
Slash live in Paris
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