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Le Forum - Vauréal, near Paris, France
February 11 2011

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Adler's Appetite Europea Tour Poster

Steven Adler was playing in France for the first time ever on this friday night, in the town of Vauréal.
The Forum de Vauréal is a nice venue but it's not easy to reach without a car.
Even if the town of Vauréal is in Île de France, which is the Paris Region, the town is quite far and hard to reach by public transport. But that's no excuse to miss the show!
Hopefully, a friend had a couple of seats left in her car so we could get to the show and back.

Steven Adler put together a pretigiuous line-up to record a new single, Alive, which you can find on iTunes... and he decided to promote it with a European Tour!

The Band included members from Enuf Z'Nuff, Faster Pussycat, Quiet Riot and Lady Jack.

Chip Z'Nuff from Enuff Z'Nuff on bass with Adler's Appetite

After a nice opening act called Knock Out Kaine, Steven Adler came on stage, followed by the rest of his band... and a very elegant Chip Z'Nuff started one of the most famous bass lines in hard rock: It's So Easy!

They played a great version, close to the original, as Rick Stitch's lead vocals were dubbed by bass player Chip Z'Nuff, just like G'n'R still do.

Steven Adler on drums - Adler's Appetite live in Vauréal, near Paris France

Of course, Steven Adler is the leader of the band.
It's hard for a drummer to be a showman, but some do it very well and Steven Adler is a great example!

He's not seated during the whole show, he stands up, he looks at the audience, and he pulls faces while he plays.

He only took the microphone twice, he's not even the one who talks between the songs. And he doesn't need a drum solo to make the audience scream for him.
He only needs his smile and his drum skills... that's gives you an idea of how charismatic is he.

Steven Adler inspires respect, for his kindness, for his attitude, and for his style of playing.
He's still a great drummer, hitting the drums hard, on a groovy way, and without accelerating the songs.

Rick Stitch from Ladyd Jack on vocals - Adler's Appetite live in Vauréal, near Paris

Adler's Appetite setlist was a tribute to the glorious early days of Guns'nRoses.

The band played 13 songs in 1 hour and 30 minutes, including Civil War and 9 songs from Appetite For Destruction!

All 3 songs from Adler's Appetite new single: Stardog, Fading and Alive.

These 3 songs are really good tunes. I hope they'll record a full lenght album because there's an incredible potential!

Alex Grossi from Quiet Riot on Guitars with Adler's Appetite live in Vauréal, near Paris

The sound was very loud, but clear. And the lights were great, as usual at this venue.

The audience reacted by jumping and headbanging during a good part of the show. The songs when people got most excited were Out Ta Get Me, Rocket Queen, Sweet Child O'Mine, and Paradise City.

The place quickly became just a big rock'n'roll party!

Michael Thomas from Faster Pussycat with Adler's Appetite

As an intro for Civil War, a few notes of Alice Cooper's Only Women Bleed were played... Just like Slash would do!

I found that all Adler's Appetite members did great on every Guns'n'Roses cover they played... except for Welcome To The Jungle.
The music was good and Rick Stitch did his best but, I'm sorry, the only guy that can sing this song correctly is Axl Rose.
No one else can, that's all. And it has nothing to do with Rick Stitch who sang great the whole set.

Guitar players were Michael Thomas from Faster Pussycat and Alex Grossi from Quiet Riot. They're a great team, they respected the solos of the G'n'R songs and did a great performance.

Finally, the very talented Chip Z'Nuff did an amazing job on bass. This time, he used a regular 4 strings Fender Bass, instead of the 12 string he used with Enuff Z'Nuff.

Chip Z'Nuff playing Alex Grossi's guitar

Right before the encores, Alex Grossi came alone on stage to play a guitar solo.
Here, Chip Z'Nuff came from behind and played a fast and great solo using only his fingers, without a guitar pick! That was quite quite impressive.

Less impressive was the guitar solo that Alex Grossi played later: It was based on the Pinkpanther theme, just like Blumblefoot does nowadays with Guns'n'Roses!
Why not playing the Godfather Theme, while he's at it?

Adler's Appetite live in Paris

Well, even if Steven Adler hasn't been in Guns'n'Roses for more that two decades, it feels great to see an original member playing those incredible tunes.

They all proved that Adler's Appetite is a great live act, with some great original tunes.
I hope the new album and the new tour will come soon!

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Setlist Adler's Appetite – Le Forum – Vauréal, near Paris, France – February 11 2011

01. It's So Easy
02. Nighttrain
03. Out Ta Get Me
04. My Michelle
05. Stardog
06. Civil War
07. Mr Brownstone
08. Fading
09. Rocket Queen
10. Swet Child O'Mine
11. Alive
12. Paradise City
13. Welcome To The Jungle

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Adler's Appetite Line-up:

Rick Stitch – Vocals
Michael Thomas – Guitars
Alex Grossi – Guitars
Chip Z'Nuff – Bass
Steven Adler – Drums
Chip Z'Nuff and Steven Adler
End of the Adler's Appetite show in Paris
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