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Zénith - Paris, France
June 20, 2011

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Duff McKagan Loaded was performing for the first time in Paris, as the opening act on Judas Priest Farewell Epitaph Tour.

What a great year for the Guns'n'Roses fan that I am!
Since June 2010, in a period of 12 months, I have seen Slash in Paris at the Hellfest, Guns'n'Roses in Paris and Belgium, and Steven Adler's Appetite in Vauréal!
Plus, Slash is coming back in just a few weeks!

Issac Carpenter and Duff McKagan

Duff McKagan's Loaded played a few dates in France in summer 2011, and I think those were the band's first gigs here ever.

Loaded don't tour much in Europe. Nevertheless, I had the chance to see Duff McKagan's Loaded before: in Milan in 2008, at a festival with Twisted Sister and Extreme.

Mike Squires on guitar with Loaded

Duff hitted the stage with a leather jacket and his sunglasses, and started to rock with his bandmates.

Their style is some kind of dark rock with a very heavy sound, and some melodic punk influences.

Duff McKagan's Loaded live in Paris

I love the attitude of this guy... his look and his stage prescence.

But I'm not a huge fan of his band. I love Duff McKagan's solo record Believe in Me, but I'm not really into Loaded.
In other words, if Duff McKagan wasn't part of the band, I probably would have spent most of the concert at the bar!

Jeff Rouse on bass, from Duff McKagan's Loaded live in Paris

Or maybe it was this show that was wrong, because I remember I loved Loaded's concert in Milan two years ago...

Duff is probably the guy that added the angry punk touch to GnR, and it made a perfect balance.
But I think there's too much of this ingredient in Loaded.

Nevertheless I enjoyed very much songs like Dead Skin, Sick and Dark Days, where Duff made us sing along.

Duff McKagan on bass, like in the old Guns'n'Roses days

As an opening band for Judas Priest, they didn't use the whole lightshow nor the full sound system.

They only had 45 minutes to play so the setlist included only 12 songs.

I wish they had played more Guns'n'Roses songs, as the did in Milan in 2008, but I understand that Duff's priority is to present the music of his own band on his first visit to France.

Why don't you just... Fuck you... It's so Easy easy...

By the end of the show, Duff became a bass player again: he exchanged his guitar with Jeff Rouse's bass for the two last songs.

Those were Attitude by The Misfits, covered by Guns'n'Roses always with Duff on lead vocals, and GnR hymn It's So Easy.

Without any doubt, this was the highlight of the show! The songs that everyone was expecting, and woke up the audiience!

Duff McKagan with his Fender Telecaster

I was happy to see Duff McKagan on stage, but I was expecting something else.

Now, time for Judas Priest, the headliners of the evening!
Clickk here for the Judas Priest concert review.

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Setlist Duff McKagan – Zénith – Paris, France – June 20, 2011

01. Executioners Song
02. We Win
03. Dead Skin
04. Sleaze Factory
05. Dark Days
06. Seattlehead
07. Sick
08. Follow Me to Hell
09. Your Name
10. Lords of Abbadon
11. Attitude
12. It's So Easy

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Duff McKagan Line-up:

Duff McKagan – Vocals / Guitars + Bass (GnR songs)
Mike Squires – Guitar
Jeff Rouse – Bass + Guitars (GnR songs)
Isaac Carpenter – Drums.
Mike Squires - Duff McKagan's Loaded
Duff McKagan live in Paris
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