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Turock - Essen, Germany
April 9 2011

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Jackie Slaughter from Skull Fist live in Essen Bookmark and Share

Skull Fist was the surprise of the evening!
This young Canadian band was opening for Bullet and Enforcer at the Turock in Essen.
Skull Fist band members breathe metal and they put all their energy on it.
They have all the typical gimmicks you can imagine, including moving together from left to right as they play the melodic solos.

Jackie Slaughter Japan Flying V Guitar Singer and guitar player Jackie Slaughter gets crazy on stage. He doesn't stand in the centre of the stage, he also goes sing to the left and the right, on every microphone he might find.
It's a pleasure to see a frontman with such energy!
Sir Shred on guitars - Skull Fist live in Essen

The guitar player is named Sir Shred.

He's melodic, heavy, and plays his solos as close as possible to the audience, putting his guitar neck up the people in the first rows.

Johnny Exciter on bass - Skull Fist live in concert

Bass player Johnny Exciter was born to be headbanger. He gets crazy as the plays his fast rythm parts.

And on drums... there was a young girl named Alison Thunderland. She's truly amazing: fast and precise. I've never seen a girl playing drums like this! Did I mention she was beautiful? Well, she is. A real Metal Queen!

Alison Thunderland on drums with Skull Fist live in Essen

So, Skull Fist have the look and the attitude, but what about the music? Well, I ran and buy their CD, called Heavier Than Metal right after the sow.

Their songs sounded really good, with very well harmonized melodies, and a lot of power.
And not only they're good musicians, they also have a great stage presence.

Skull Fist played two cover songs, both very rare songs: Tokyo Blade's Attack, attack to begin to show and Angel Witch's Angel Witch to end.
Those sounded really good.

Skull Fist live at Turock

Remember the name of this band, SKULL FIST, and go support them if they play in your town. They have all the potential to become big.

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Setlist Skull Fist – Turock - Essen, Germany – April 9 2011

01. Attack, attack (Tokyo Blade cover)
02. Get Fisted
03. Blackout
04. Heavier Than Metal
05. Sign Of The Warrior
06. Ride The Beast
07. No False Metal
08. Angel Witch (Angel Witch cover)

Skull Fist Links:

Skull Fist Website
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Skull Fist Line-up:

Jackie Slaughter - Vocals and Guitars
Sir Shred - Lead Guitars
Alison Thunderland - Drums
Johnny Exciter - Bass
Jackie Slaughter with Skull Fist
Johnny Exciter with Skull Fist live in Germany
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