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Turock - Essen, Germany
April 9 2011

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What a metal weekend! We found out that Bullet was playing in Essen one day after the show from Stratovarius, Pink Cream 69 and Helloween in Oberhausen.

There was no way for me to miss this show, especially because this tour doesn't stop in my hometown!

I discovered Bullet when they played in Paris with the Backyard Babies, and I think they're one of the best recent Metal / Hard Rock acts..

The show was held at a club named the Turock, a great metal venue in the city of Essen. After the shows they have a Metal disco up to 6AM in the morining! Once again, I'm convinced that Metalheads in the Nordrhein-Westfalen region of Germany can fully live their passion!

Bullet on tour

After good shows by the opening acts Skull Fist and Enforcer, Bullet entirely customized the stage.

They had their their logo made of lights, hanging on the back on the stage. But they also brought some pyro!

There were four devices blowing fire in front of the drum. They were used during the chorus of several songs.
It was really cool to see a band making this in a small club.

Hell Hofer on vocals - Bullet live in concert

Since the last time I saw them, Bullet have become a very professional band. They had a great sound that night: loud, powerful and clear.

Bullet setlist contained mainly songs from their new album Highway Pirates, which is for me one of the best 2011 albums up to date.

But unfortunately, some of my favourite songs were not on the setlist! I'm talking about Citylights, Rock'n'Roll Remedy and the anthem Bang Your Head.

Adam Hector on bass with Bullet live in Essen

During the song Roadking, singer Hell Hofer came on stage with a royal red cape, and on its back you could read "Hell" .

This guy has an unimittable voice, and it fits perfectly the music, half way between AC/DC's rock'n'roll and Accept's Heavy Metal.

Hampus Klang headbanging - Bullet on stage in Germany

Hampus Klang and Erik Almström are two very melodic guitar players. They know how to rock.

Hampus is the one that moves the most on stage, headbanging and going crazy while playing.

Bass player Adam Hector is the one who introduced the boys, and he made everyone scream for every member of the band.

Adam is also a professional headbanguer, and keeps the rythm very precicely along with drummer Gustav Hjortsjö.

Erik Almström on guitars with Bullet

Bullet fulfilled all the expectations from the audience.

Fire on stage, amazing songs, incredible atmosphere...
Bullet provided a great show, and I'm sure they'll get very far if they carry on this way!

If you don't have their records yet... well, you know what to do!

Next Bullet show, will be at the Sonisphere Madrid.
Click here to read about it.

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Setlist Bullet – Turock - Essen, Germany – April 9 2011

01. Highway Pirates
02. Back on the Road
03. Turn It Up Loud
04. Stay Wild
05. Down And Out
06. Rambling Man
07. Roadking
08. Heading for the Top
09. One Deal With The Devil
10. Heavy Metal Dynamite
11. Pay the price
12. Dusk Til Dawn
Bite The Bullet

Bullet Links:

Bullet Website
Bullet My Space
Bullet T-shirts and Merch at EMP
Bullet CDs on Amazon.comBullet Amazon
Bullet CDs at
Bullet on Metal Traveller's Flickr
Bullet iTunes downloads

Bullet Line-up:

Hell Hofer – Vocals
Hampus Klang – Lead Guitars
Erik Almström – Lead Guitars
Adam Hector – Bass
Gustav Hjortsjö – Drums
And then there was fire - Bullet live at Turock
Gimme Fire! - Bullet live in Essen Germany
Play my guitar and bite the bullet!
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