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March 2011

Colombia Flag Colombia: Taganga Flag Colombia

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The boat Tibisay II, from Cabo San Juan De La Guía to Taganga

On the left is the boat Tibisay II, which sails once a day between Cabo San Juan De La Guía and Taganga.

The ride was supposed to last for 40 minutes, but finally it took us one hour to get there.
It was a real roller coaster! no need to get to some water ride on a theme park, we were on the real thing!

High waves on the sea Anytime a high wave came, we got wet again and again.
Of course the boat personnel (3 guys) took care of the bags, putting them on a dry storage place.
Also, the boat had two engines, because if one failed, with such an agitated sea, we would have been in big troubles!

The best thing of the boat ride was the landscape. It was amazing to see it changing!
The western part of the Tayrona Park, where we stayed, is really green and dominated by rainforest. To the west, the mountains become arid, and the vegetation changes completely.
I got wet on the boat trip

After an unforgettable boat ride from Cabo San Juan de la Guia in Tayrona National Park, we arrived to the pleasant little fishing town of Taganga.

Arriving there was such a relief! The boat began to slow down as the sea became more calm. Little by little we entered the Bay of Taganga, a beautiful horseshoe bay where this small fishing is located.

Church and Square in Taganga, Colombia

Taganga is a small town with a lovely atmosphere.
The town located on the bay of Taganga, a 5km bay where the sea and the arid mountain vegetation melt.

Taganga is just a short bus ride from Santa Marta, so you're never far from the big city.

The best things the town has to offer are the landscapes and the laid-back atmosphere.The town itself is very pleasant, with a small church, some parks, and several pedestrian streets.

The sign of a restaurant written in Hebrew in Taganga in Colombia

Taganga is known for being a party town. Travellers and backpackers from all over the world come here to spend a few days while exploring the area.

The town is quite popular with Israeli travellers: as you can see on the picture on the left, some restaurants have signs in Hebrew.

The bay of Taganga, Colombia

A lot of people prefer to be based in Taganga rather than in Santa Marta.
Being in this small fishing village has a more holiday feeling than the big city, which is anyway less than 20 minutes away.
Treks and tours to Ciudad Perdida or Tayrona National Park can be organized from here. It's also a great spot for diving.

Some 4000 souls live in Taganga, most of them live from fishing, but tourism has become the second economic sector.

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Boats on the bay of Taganga, Colombia

The place was already inhabited when the Spaniards came. The Tagangas and the Gairas people were among the first to embrace the christian faith, opposing little or no resistance. Taganga was established as an Encomienda, legalizing the work of the natives, producing fish and pearls.

We didn't spent much time in Taganga, but it was enough to soak up the atmosphere of the place.

Colourful public toilet

There was loud music in some of the barrs of the main pedestrian waterfront street, and some people already drinking and dancing.

We had lunch at a small waterfront restaurant, a delicious coctel de Camaron.

In front, there was this kind of public toilet, between a shop and a bar, is something I've never seen before.
It's so fun, but I think it's a great idea.

Colourful public toilet

Taganga was a nice surprise on the road, aa nice visit that wasn't planned.

From the Taganga's waterfront, we took a bus to Santa Marta.

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Boats by the sea and the hills around Taganga

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Colombia travel guide

Colombia travel guide

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