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Olympia - Paris, France
January 16 2012

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Sammy Hagar live from Chickenfoot

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Well, Van Halen don't seem to be announcing a European Tour. But the Michael Anthony and Sammy Hagar are way more active, and they brought their friends Joe Satriani and Kenny Aronoff (aka Chickenfoot) to rock Paris one more time, with their new album Chickenfoot III.

Chickenfoot filming the show

Comparing to the previous Chickenfoot show in Paris, there was less people tonight. But the audience here was ready to rock. As drummer Kenny Aronov said: Paris has the best food, the best buildings and the best people!
I'd say he was too excited when he said that, and he's only right about the buildings. But anyway, that gives you an idea of the atmosphere tonight.

Sammy Hagar enjoying some 1664 Beer

There were a few cameras around so there probably will be soon some footage from this show available, as this concert was filmed.

In the meantime, it was priceless to see Sammy Hagar drinking a beer on stage and asking the aduience: What's this? 1664? Is this good? Is this French Beer?

Chickenfoot might only have two records, but they have several catchy songs. It was good to know that my favourite Chickenfoot tune, My Kinda girl, is also Sammy's favourite song!

Michael Anthony on bass with Chickenfoot

Sammy reminded us that we never know when our time will come: the song Up Next as dedicated to Chickenfoot's former manager, who passed away while the band was recording Chickenfoot III.

Sammy recalled that Chad Smith shouted at him that he couldn't die now: "nobody dies during a Chickenfoot record!"

Chickenfoot III: Joe Satriani, Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony

By the way, Chad wasn't here tonight, as he was touring with his main band, the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
The Peppers played in Paris a couple of months earlier and Sammy asked who went to see Chad. Not many people people raised their hands...

Sammy recalled that when playing Future In The Past, Chad dislocated his shoulder during Chickenfoot's previous concert at the Olympia!

Kenny Aronoff on drums - Live in Paris with Chickenfoot

Anyway, drummer Kenny Aronoff was introduced as Chad Smith's best friend, and let me tell you something: Kenny kicks ass!

I loved his playing: precise, groovy, and hard. I think they found the post possible man to replace Chad durin this tour.
One visual detail can be shocking though: if Joe Satriani has a lost twin brother, that would be Kenny Aronoff!

9 years old and homeless

Before playing the song Three and a Half Letters, Sammy Hagar stated that he has seen many homeless people in Paris that day, and that's a problem seen in many big cities in the world.
They played a very emotive version of this song, while Sammy was reading the letters that are actually the lyrics.
The song ended with Sammy holding a sign "9 years old and homeless". Shocking, but it's the sad true story of many.

Michael Anthony and Sammy Hagar from Chickenfoot at the the Olympia in Paris France

Sammy Hagar got his guitar out for the song Different Devil, a song that wasn't originally the setlist, but they had to include it because of the huge success it's enjoying lately at many radio stations.

He said that it's easy to fall out of love during a long relationship, but it only takes a little something to get it back.

Joe Satriani playing guitar with his teeth - Chickenfoot live in Paris

A very weird but very original verion of Hendix's Foxy Lady closed the set, as Satriani demostrated that he's as gifted with his teeth as with his fingers.

Seriously, this band rocks on stage, and I hope they'll keep doing fabulous albums and tours!

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Setlist Chickenfoot – the Olympia - Paris, France – January 16 2012

01. Lighten Up
02. Alright Alright
03. Big Foot
04. Sexy Little Thing
05. Soap on a Rope
06. Up Next
07. My Kinda Girl
08. Down the Drain
09. Three and a Half Letters
10. Something Going Wrong
11. Turnin' Left
12. Future in the Past
13. Different Devil
14. Oh Yeah
15. Foxy Lady

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Chickenfoot Line-up:

Sammy Hagar – Vocals (+ add Guitars)
Joe Satriani – Guitars
Michael Anthony – Bass
Kenny Aronoff – Drums
Third Letter from Three and a Half Letters
Sammy Hagar playing guitars with Chickenfoot
Chickenfoot thanks Paris
sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony remember the Van Halen days
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