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Patinoire Mériadeck - Bordeaux, France
November 19 2011

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Michael Poulsen from Scorpions at the Patinoire Mériadeck in Bordeaux France

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Scorpions were touring France again and the gig in Bordeaux was on saturday. I thought it was a great idea to be a weekend away in Southwestern France and meet some friends there.

Thomas Bredahl from Scorpions at the Patinoire Mériadeck in Bordeaux France

The concert was at the Patinoire Mériadeck. Originally built as a skate rink, the place is used for several kind of events.
Tonight, almost 8000 people were attending the show, so the concert was sold-out.
Many people came from Spain, as Bordeaux is not far from the border and The Scorpions were not playing there this fall.

Anders Kjølholm on bass - Scorpions live in Bordeaux

The Scorpions are bringing a huge visual show on this tour.

The rear of the stage was made of spotlights, that also turned into giant screens. We were shown mostly images of the band at Bordeaux... but also some vintage footage. The audience was also filmed quite often. By the way, a couple was filmed during the whole song Still Loving You, and the girl was filmed several times afterwards. Maybe the cameraman just fell in love...

Michael Poulsen in Bordeaux with Scorpions

Despite a huge production, the audience was quite calm today. Only a handful of people were excited and singing the words of the songs.
The people on the balconies remained seated for the whole show.

Maybe that's because the sound not very good, even if it was better after a few songs.

Thomas Bredhal and Anders Kjølholm - Scorpionst live in Bordeaux

Klaus Meine is not the kind of guy to o backstage during an instrumental song. During Coast To Coast, he played a beautiful guitar. It was customized with the S from Scorpions on the body and the name of the album Sting In The Tail on the neck.

Ingo Powitzer on guitars live with Scorpions - The Best is Yet To Come

Mathias Jabs guitar tech, Ingo Powitzer, was invited on stage during The Best is Yet To Come. He played some additional guitar parts on this ballad.
During this time, drummer James Kottak went to the front of the stage and made everyone move their arms, while singing the chorus parts ("eh aioh...").

The next song was another ballad, Send Me An Angel, and Kottak traded his drumkit for a pair of Maracas.

Scorpions live in Bordaux (not Bordeaux)

During Big City Nights, the was an image of an Asian city by night, probably Tokyo.
The name of tonight's "big city" appeared on the screen... except that they wrote Bordaux instead of Bordeaux. Yeah, French language is complicated: same sound, but different writting.
Anyway, after the solo, the spelling was corrected.

Michael Poulsen live in Bordeaux with Scorpions

There were not many changes on the setlist compared to the concerts I saw lasst year in Mons and Paris, but the additions of Dynamite and When The Smoke is Going Down were very welcome.

To sum up, it was a high quality show, and it's a shame that a band like this is stopping. But 2012 will be a year of extensive touring for Scorpions, so don't miss them.

Scorpions at the Patinoire Mériadeck in Bordeaux

Next concert for me was Motörhead the following week.
But Scorpions will be in France again in 2012!
Click here for Scorpions 2012 tickets , or here for Motörhead live in Paris.

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Setlist Scorpions – Patinoire Mériadeck - Bordeaux, France – November 19 2011

01. Sting In The Tail
02. Make It Real
03. Bad Boys Running Wild
04. The Zoo
05. Coast To Coast
06. Loving You Sunday Morning
07. The Best Is Yet To Come
08. Send Me An Angel
09. Holiday
10. Raised On Rock
11. Tease Me Please Me
12. Dynamite
——Drum Solo: Kottak Attack ——
13. Blackout
—— Matthias Jabs Guitar Solo ——
14. Big City Nights
15. Still Loving You
16. Winds Of Change
17. Rock You Like a Hurricane
18. When The Smoke Is Going Down

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Scorpions Line-up:

Klaus Meine – Vocals / Guitars (Coast To Coast)
Rudolph Schenker – Guitars
Matthias Jabs – Guitars
Paweł Mąciwoda – Bass
James Kottak – Drums / Maracas (Send Me an Angel)
Ingo Powitzer – Guitar (The Best Is Yet To Come)
Michael Poulsen from Scorpions live at the Patinoire Mériadeck
Thomas Bredahl on guitars with Scorpions, live at the Patinoire Mériadeck in Bordeaux
Scorpions performing the song 'Thanks' witth some fans on stage
Scorpions at the Patinoire Mériadeck in Bordeaux
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