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Ozzy Bar - Bogotá, Colombia
April 19 2014

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Havok live in Bogotá

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Performance:   5/5
Setlist:              4,5/5
Lights:                                  2/5
Sound:             5/5
Atmosphere:     5/5

Not even a year after that tremendous show at Rock Al Parque festival, Havok took the Unnatural Selection Tour back to Colombia for 3 headlining shows: in Medellín, Pereira and Bogotá.
Five local bands were invited to open the show in Bogotá at Ozzy Bar: Victimized, Lusaroth, Patazera, War Thrashed, Random Revenge and Desecrate.
The concert was sold-out and the venue was packed. It was extremely hot inside and the atmosphere was electric.

The crowds were really excited, chanting the classic concert melody “Oeoeoeoe Havok... Havok...” as loud as possible.

The band got on stage at 8pm, did a quick soundcheck while playing with some green and black balloons brought by the fans, and 5 minutes later they started with Covering Fire.
It only took one riff and all the moshers inside started to get crazy! A huge moshpit was created and it lasted for the whole show. There was even stage diving and crowdsurfing, which is quite rare here.

But if Havok could drive the crowds that mad is because their performance was faultless.
The sound was clear and the guitars sounded heavy and powerful.
Dave and Reece definitely make a good team, they make me think about those iconic pairs like King / Hanneman, Holt / Hunlot or Skolnick / Peterson.

When staring at bass Player Michael Leon one can see that he feels every single song. He sings while pulling faces, and that smile never quits him!
Oh, and a special mention goes to Pete Weber, who hit his drum like hell despite being at 2600 meters above the sea level.

The setlist was very similar to the one played last June.
They changed the order of some songs and switched Worse Than War for Under The Gun.
That’s not much but after all, both shows were performed during the same tour.

Reece Scruggs with Havok in Colombia
Mike Leon from Havok on stage in Bogotá
David Sanchez with Havok, live in Bogotá
Reece Scruggs on guitars

Havok is considered a Thrash Metal band, but David announced Under The Gun as a rock’n’roll song and described Afterburner as an old-school Heavy Metal song.
Maybe that’s Havok’s secret recipe: they play Heavy Rock’n’Roll so hard that they turn it into Thrash.

Dave Sanchez stated that it was good to be back in Colombia, which was the first country they played in South America.
He stated that he loved Bogotá, its scenery… and that here are the most beautiful girls on the southern hemisphere. I’ll say he’s right, even if most of Colombia is actually in the northern hemisphere.

He asked who saw the band last year at Rock Al Parque and almost everyone screamed.
Thinking that maybe not everyone understood the question, he asked who was seeing Havok for the first time, and very few voices were heard. This means that Havok has already a solid fanbase here!

In fact, David mentioned that he wasn’t expecting to see members of the fan club waiting for them at the airport with a huge banner. They published a pic of that scene here. That banner was hanging on the balcony of Ozzy Bar.
He said he felt honoured, and that Bogotá was in his “corozón”.

Havok spent 70 minutes on stage. That might seem short, but each second was intense.
Since the release of Unnatural Selection the band has been touring all over the world and is becoming increasingly popular, with good reason. They’re one of the finest (maybe even the finest) Thrash Metal bands of the last decade, and tonight they proved once again that they’re a great live act.

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Setlist Havok – Ozzy Bar – Bogotá, Colombia – April 19 2014

01. Covering Fire
02. Point of No Return
03. Give Me Liberty...or Give Me Death
04. I Am the State
05. Scumbag in Disguise
06. From the Cradle to the Grave
07. D.O.A.
08. Under the Gun
09. Afterburner
10. Time Is Up
11. Unnatural Selection
12. Fatal Intervention

Havok Links:

Havok Website
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Havok band Line-up:

David Sanchez – Vocals / Guitar
Reece Scruggs – Guitar
Mike Leon – Bass
Pete Weber – Drums
Havok live in Bogotá
David Sanchez from Havok
Dave Sanchez from Havok live at Ozzy Bar in Bogotá
Poster for the Havok concert in Colombia
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