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Shout It Out Loud Festival
RVE-Halle - Mülheim, Germany
June 18 2011

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Shout It Out Loud Festival in Mülheim
Shout It Out Loud Festival in Mülheim
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Good news for all you sleaze and glam rockers from Europe: Cinderella are finally back!

After a short European tour in summer 2010, Cinderella will be back in Europe to celebrate their 25th Anniversary with a one month summer tour in 2011!

The climax of this tour will be the Shout It Out Loud Festival in Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany.

Until now, it’s the only festival appearance of Cinderella this year in Europe, as well as the only German show... and Cinderella haven't been to Germany in 10 years so all their long time fans are waiting for them!
And we can expect them to play great classics like Shake Me, Don't Know What You Got or Coming Home.

Shout It Out Loud Festival 2011 in Germany

Of course Cinderella are not coming alone to the Shout It Loud Festival.

The legendary German Hard Rock band Bonfire there too, presenting their new album called Branded.

As melodic as ever, this album has a new melodic approach, with more direct songs than their faboulous rock opera The Räuber.

Appart from the opportunity to discover new songs on stage, we can expect classics such as American Nights, Champion or Daytona Nights.

Crazy Lixx live in Mülheim

Swedish rockers Crazy Lixx will also be there, and you better be ready!

Crazy Lixx will be promoting their latest record, called New Religion, and this will turn the RVE-Halle in a Rock'n'Roll cathedral!

Pussy Sister live in Mülheim

After completing their first US Tour, Germany's hottest Hard Rock act Pussy Sister will rock the stage at the Shout It Out Loud Festival.
Their new album, just named Pussy Sister, is pure dynamite, so don't miss them

Jadded Heart at the Shout It Out Loud Festival

Jadded Heart, another classic German band formed in 1991, is also scheduled to play. For now, it's their only 2011 concert! Don't miss their show, catchy melodies and strong riffs guaranteed!

Shotgun Express live at the Shout It Out Loud 2011

The Shout It Out Loud Festival is also a place to discover some new rock talents from Germany.

Shotgun Express form Southern Germany will bring you some sleaze and melodic songs.

Kissin' Dynamite will rock the house with their latest record, called Addicted To Metal.

Finally, the Hollywood Burnoutz will demonstrate that hair metal was not an 80's fasion, but's here to stay!

Kissin' Dynamite at the Shout It Out Loud Festival 2011 in Germany
Hollywood Burnoutz live at the Shout It Out Loud Fest

Metal Traveller will be attending the Shout It Out Loud Festival and will bring you the concert reviews of all those great bands, as well as some pictures.

Don't miss this festival if you're around. A 25th birthday doesn't come twice!

Get your tickets before it's too late!

Shout It Out Loud Festival links:

Official Shout It Loud festival Website
Shout It Loud Festival Tickets

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Bonfire at the Shout It Out Loud Festival
Cinderella live in Mülheim Germany
Shout It Out Loud Festival Poster
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