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Lotto Mons Expo - Mons, Belgium
April 30 2011

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Tobias Sammet and Jens Ludwig from Edguy live in Mons
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After Gamma Ray, the last German band of the evening was about to hit the stage.

If you have seen Edguy in concert, you would know that a big party was coming!

Tobias Exxel from Edguy live in Belgium

As the lights were shut down, we heard a voice saying “Welcome… to the Freakshow”.

The boys came on stage with the already famous duet Dead Or Rock and Speedhoven.
Their joyful tunes were backed by a great sound, and the well known positive energy characteristic on Edguy.

Jens Ludwig - Edguy live in Mons

Tobias Sammet walked the stage from side to side, with his rockstar sunglasses, while bass player Tobias Exxel headbanged during the whole gig.

Jens Ludwig And Dirk Sauer played with a big smile on their faces, and Felix Bohnke hitted his drums with style

Dirk Sauer on guitars - Edguy live in concert, PPM Fest in Mons

They managed to fit 9 songs into the setlist, plus a drum solo that they should have skipped.

Drum solos are cool, but time is short on festival gigs, I would have preferred to hear another song.

Felix Bohnke with Edguy live in Mons

Before playing Superheroes, Tobias asked us to show our mobile phones.
I don’t know why, it’s not a ballad… Well, just another Sammet-style joke!

Tobias Sammet from Edguy live in Belgium Later in the show, Tobias confessed that the song Vain Glory Opera was inspired by the headliners of the PPM Fest: Europe!
He said, as a humoristic note, that they wrote this song when they were kids wanting to become famous.
Tobias Sammet and Jens Ludwig with Edguy

After this tune, Tobi stated that this was the part of the show when they normally go backstage before returning for the encores.

But this time, they were not leaving the stage, and he announced the last song: King Of Fools.

Dirk Sauer and tobias Exxel live at Lotto Mons Expo

Edguy made a very enjoyable show. It was probably the best concert of the whole festival.
The PPM Fest went on with two Swedish bands: Hammerfall, and then Europe! 

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Setlist Edguy – Lotto Mons Expo - Mons, Belgium – April 30 2011

01. Dead or Rock
02. Speedhoven
03. Tears of a Mandrake
04. Lavatory Love Machine
05. Ministry of Saints
-- Drum Solo --
06. Superheroes
07. Save Me
08. Vain Glory Opera
09. King of Fools

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Edguy Line-up:

Tobias Sammet – Vocals
Jens Ludwig – Guitars
Dirk Sauer – Guitars
Tobias Exxel – Bass
Felix Bohnke – Drums
Tobias sammet with Edguy
Tobias Sammet live at the PPM Fest in Belgium
Thank You PPM Fest - Edguy live in Mons Belgium
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