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March 2009

Singapore Flag Singapore: Chinese Gardens Flag Singapore

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Enjoy Jurong Lake... But just the view!

I found a bed at the SG 98. This hostel is probably the cheapest place to stay in Singapore. My 6-bed dorm costed 15 Singapore Dollars (roughly 8€).

It's actually a very clean place, and very well located: It's right outside Aljuned MRT Station, just a few stations away from the center and the Airport.
I totally recommend it.

Chinese Gardens pagoda over Jurong Lake, Singapore

As I was putting my shoes on, a guy came to me saying that he liked my Iron Maiden T-shirt.
We began talking and he happened to be the webmaster of, a very well-known metal website.

We spent most of the day together, wandering around The Chinese gardens and Jurong Lake, west of the city.

Entrance to the Chinese Gardens, Singapore

He chose the place but to me it was great, as I didn't know this area of Singapore.

The afternoon was quite cloudy so pictures aren't great, but we had a nice walk around the lake and the park.

Dragoon at the Chinese Gardens, Singapore

The Chinese Gardens are a really cool place.
Singapre is a crowded city where almost 5 million people live. But you only feel it when taking the subway in rush hours.

There are many buildings, but also many green areas, big streets, and spacious boulevards. It's a city where you can breathe.

Singapore City Guide

Singapore City Guide

The Cinderalla of Asian cities; Singapore has shrugged off its reputation for being boring and stepped into the 21st century with style. As well as being one of the world's premier fashion and food centres, the city now excites travellers with a buzzing bar scene, hip modern arts and a cultural mix like no other. Want a piece of the Singapore action? Then let this guide show you a good time.

Ivan and Andy at the Chinese Gardens, Singapore

The Chinese Gerden was designed in 1975 by a Taiwanese architect.

Chinese Gardens, Singapore

At the entrance of the Chinese Garden there's a pool where hundreds of colourful fishes were here to greet us.

Then as we crossed the door we found the Live Turtle and Turtoise Museum. I had never sen a museum dedicated to turtles before, so we decided to get in.

Fishes and more fishes - Chinese Gardens, Singapore

Can you count how many fishes are n that pool?

What's so funny? This laughing Buddhas are found inside the Turtle Museum, in the Chinese Garden.
Tower at the hinese gardens, Singapore The Chinese Gardens are topped by a seven-storey pagoda called Ru Yun Ta. It's modelled on the Ling Ku Temple Pagoda in Nanjing, China. There's a very cool view from the top.

By the way, I'm leaving Singapore as I'm writting this, and I'm sitting at the only smoking area in the airport.

Usually smoking areas are small crowded places where you have trouble breating... not here! It's on a terrace at the upper floor of the airport, with an amazing view of the runaway! I'm so happy seeing planes take-off and landing, and between 2 flights, I'm writting those lines.

To be continued...

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Best Of Singapore Travel Guide

Best Of Singapore Travel Guide

Travel to three lands in one, and enjoy the cultures of the Chinese, Indians and Malays in delicious colour. It's all about the food: nurture an endless appetite for hawker-stall snacks and sublime dining. Make some time for modern art, traditional temples and some of the best shopping in Asia, then swap the urban scene for a sojourn into pockets of rainforest.

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