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Gračanica Monastery in Gračanica (Serb Enclave in Kosovo)


Novi Sad
Novi Pazar

Serbia is a surprising country, with a great diversity of peoples, architecture and cultures.

You can feel in Austria while in Northern Serbia, or in Turkey while in the South.
In the middle stands Belgrade, the lively capital, and a full European city.
The Flag of Serbia
For years I wanted to go to this place. Finally I went there in 2008, on a short trip where I visited Belgrade and Novi Sad, the capital of the Autonomous Province Of Vojvodina.

I went back in february 2009, as Iron Maiden played in Belgrade their only European concert for the 2009 World Tour.
This time I visited Belgrade again but I decided to head south: Novi Pazar with Đurđevi Stupovi and Sopoćani Monasteries. I also went to Prizren, Pristina and Gračanica in Kosovo.

Choose a city on the left side of the page, or click here to read about the whole Somewhere Back in Time trip, which included Serbia, Kosovo and Germany.

Please note, this page is not to discuss if Kosovo is an idependent country or if it is part of Serbia. I leave this question to politicians.
Everything on this website is from the traveller point of view.




Official name: Republic Of Serbia
Capital: Belgrade
Official languages: Serbian
Population: 7 400 000 (2008 Estimate)
Currency: Serbian Denar


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