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City Trips and Weekends in The Netherlands
February 2011

The Netherlands Flag The Netherlands: Eindhoven Flag The Netherlands

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Eindhoven by night

Well, I was only in Eindhoven by night, so I can't tell you much about the city.
It's located in the North-Brabant Province and the fifth largest city in the Netherlands (2011 stats).

Eindhoven's history starts in the 13th Century, when the city was a stop on the trading route between the Netherlands and Liège (nowadays Belgium).

The Markt, or Market Square in Eindhoven, The Netherlands

The city has been disputed and suffered a lot during the Middle Ages, often changing hands between the Dutch, the French, and the Spanish.

That was until the 19th Century, when the Industrial Revolution finally gave a chance to Eindhoven.
When the Kingdom of the Netherlands was established in 1815, the city was growing trade centre.

Markt Square and Frits Philips monument in Eindhoven, The Netherlands

The electronics company Philips was founded in Eindhoven in 1891. Of course this is part of the pride of the city, even if the headquartes are in Amsterdam nowadays.

On the left you have a picture of Eindhoven Market Square, with a statue of Frits Philips, a former Chairman of the Philips company, also known as a resistant during World War II.

Catharinaplein with Sint-Catharinakerk, Saint Catherine's Church in Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Sadly, not many medieval buildings remain, as Eindhoven was heavily bombed by the United States during World War II. That's why there's not much sightseeing nowadays so it's not really a tourist city.
But... the city is bounded to its industrial heritage, and major Dutch designers are based there.

While most of Philips' industries have moved out, the Philips Design Bureau is still in Eindhoven.

Sint-Catharinakerk, or Saint Catherine's Church in Eindhoven, Netherlands

This is Sint-Catharinakerk, or Saint Catherine's Church, a national monument of the Netherlands.
It’s located on Catharinaplein, right in the centre on Eindhoven, and in the middle of the nightlife district

This Roman Catholic church was built in honour of Saint Catherine of Alexandria.
The current neo-Gothic building was constructed between 1861 and 1867, replacing the former and old Catherine Church demolished in 1860.
The two 70 meters high towers are quite impressive and have their own name: the David Tower and the Mary Tower.
Inside, you will find of Holland's largest organs.

The Netherlands travel guide

The Netherlands travel guide

Cycle along the canals, past sand dunes, windmills, tulips and wild national parks. Reward yourself with warm appeltaart, then learn to swallow a raw herring without flinching.

Jack Daniels Guitar at The Jack bar in Eindhoven, The Netherlands

There might not be many historical sights in Eindhoven I can tell you about.

But what I can tell about Eindhoven is that the city has a vibrant nightlife!
There are bars, clubs and pubs everywere in the centre, very close to the train station.

I was in a Rock / Metal Bar called The Jack, which was totally great. It has a billard table, it's quite spacious and they play good music.
In a word, the place to hang out when you're out in Eindhoven!

Guitars on The Jack Bar walls, Eindhoven

But Eindhoven is a town that most Heavy Metal fans in this world know.
The city is famous for having hosted the Dynamo Open Air Festival, which was one of the largest Metal Festivals in the 80's and the 90's.
Well, the festival is gone, but there's still something about ir that may bring you to this city: The Dynamo Rock & Metal Café.
It's a great and very organized venue for concerts, open since 1982.

You got a nice stage where any bands play all over the year, plus good and reasonably priced Dutch beer and free Internet for the geeks.

Eindhoven by night, Limburg, The Netherlands

I was there to attend a concert from the German Thrash Metal band Sodom, which was very good.

My next stop in the Netherlands was the city of Delft.

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Eindhoven Streets by nights
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Amsterdam city guide

Amsterdam city guide

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