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Easter in Montenegro
April 2010

montenegro Flag Durmitor National Park: Tara River Canyon Flag montenegro

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You need a car to get to most places around Žabljak, as public transport is not always convenient, unless you have a lot of time.

On my 2009 trip to Serbia I hired a taxi for a few hours in Novi Pazar to visit Sopoćani and Đurđevi Stupovi Monasteries.

Here I wanted to hire a taxi for half a day to get out of town, and once again I was very lucky. I found this great guy named Dragan, who took me to a few interesting places.

The Tara Canyon is an amazing surprise.
The canyon is 82 kilometers long and up to 1300 meters deep, with an average of 1000 meters.

Not only it's the deepest river canyon in Europe... It’s actually the second deepest canyon in the world, after… yes you guessed, the Colorado Grand Canyon in Arizona.

The Tara River Canyon is part of the Durmitor National Park, not to be confused with the Tara National Park, which is located in Serbia.

Dragan the taxi driver took me to two places to spot the canyon.
We first stopped not far from Curevac, where there is an amazing viewpoint.
The spot is well hidden: I had to pass through some trees, climb some rocks, and finally there I was admiring the Tara Canyon.

It’s certainly not an “official” viewpoint, as there are no signposts, nor any protection. Not recommended if you’re afraid of heights!

Some 25 kilometres away is the Tara Bridge, officially called Veliki Most na Djurdjevica Tari, which means The Great Bridge over the Djurdjevica Tara River.

The landscape here is tremendous and the bridge is impressive.

Not far from the Tara Bridge is St Michael’s Archangel Monastery.

We drove through a small one way road by the river to get to this well-hidden Monastery.

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Montenegro Travel Guide

Montenegro Travel Guide

Spectacular beaches, charming seaside villages, wild peaks and ancient towns - how can such a little country pack so much in?

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