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March 2007

Flag Macedonia Ohrid - Part 1 - the town Flag Macedonia

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The new town of Ohrid, Macedonia

Ohrid is a beautiful city on the shores of Lake Ohrid, which Macedonia shares with Albania.

It's one of the highlights of Macedonia, a very pleasant and relaxed city to enjoy a few days.

According to Greek mythology, Ohrid was founded as Lychnidos by Phoenician Prince Cadmus.

The old town of Ohrid, Macedonia Macedonian archaeologists suggest that the town has been inhabited since at least the 4th century B.C.

It became part of the Macedonian Kingdom of Phillip of Macedon and later Alexander the Great.

Then it was part of the Roman Empire and after the Byzantine Empire.
The main pedestrian street in Ohrid, Macedonia The Bulgarians conquered the town in the 9th Century and that’s when Lychnidos began to be called Ohrid.
It even became the capital of the Bulgarian Empire from 990 to 1018, as well as the seat of the Bulgarian Orthodox Patriarchate.
The Patriarchate was moved to Constantinople and Ohrid became an archbishopric.
By the 16th Century it was one of the most important archbishoprics, subordinating orthodox Sophia, Venice, Dalmatia and Sicily.
Building in Ohrid, Macedonia

The city also came under the rule of the Serbian Empire and the Normans.

The Ottomans arrived in the 14th Century and stayed until 1912.
Even if it was an important archbishopric during those days, Christianity declined on that period. 

After the First World War Ohrid was included in Yugoslavia; it’s part of the Republic of Macedonia since its independence.
Ohrid, Macedonia  
A mosque in Ohrid, Macedonia  
A mosque in Ohrid, Macedonia  
Church Sveti Kliment, Ohrid, Macedonia The 13th Century church of Sveti Kliment of the Holy Mother of God Perivleptos is one of the best preserved medieval churches in Ohrid.

When St. Sophia was turned into mosque, St. Kliment's Church became the cathedral of the Archbishopric of Ohrid.
Churches in Ohrid, Macedonia One of the oldest libraries in the Balkans used to be in the church.

Its name comes from St. Kliment of Ohrid, a saint whose remains were transferred there from the church of St.Panteleimon.
The town of Ohrid, Macedonia, with the statue of St Kliment Ohridski  
Houses in Ohrid, Macedonia  
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