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March 2009

Korea Flag Korea: First glimpse of Seoul and Seoul by Night Flag Korea

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Siberia's so big! Flight from Singapore to Seoul via Bangkok and Hong Kong... that was long!

My days in Singapore were over for 2009 and it was time to move to a new capital.

Seoul is not yet well served by low cost airlines, but I found a very low price to get there with Thai Airways.

It was cheap but long: with stops in Bangkok, Hong Kong (on the onward flight) and Taipei (on the return flight).
This doesn't matter, I love flying! Moreover, I could stop in Taipei and discover the city.

I planned to go to Seoul to discover the country and to attend both X Japan shows. I love this band, and they don't play much concerts, so as I was in Asia I thought this was a great opportunity.

The bad news is that the shows were cancelled, so I'll have to wait to see X Japan live... if I ever see them.
But the good news is that I was in Korea and I was a bout to discover a lovely country!

I found a bed here, on the second floor of this building.
Two brothers have transformed their apartment into a hostel: the ZEN House Hostel.
There are two rooms, there's a kitchen with everything you need, and it's very clean.
Wifi Internet access and coffee are free of charge.

The owners don't speak much eanglish, but they're nice guys. Specially the younger.

The hostel is located in Nowon, a district in the north of Seoul.

I loved staying there. It's a very lively place, with lots of pubs, restaurants, shops, convenience stores and two MRT (subway) lines.
Streets around Nuwon MRT Station, Seoul The ride from Incheon International airport to the Nowon district lasts for about an hour with a very comfortable bus.
Then it was just a short walk to the hostel.

I felt like in Hong Kong, walking crowded streets full of lights, with signs that I couldn't read, and stores as well as hawkers and streets vendors everywhere.
I love this kind of place.
Streets around Nuwon MRT Station, Seoul


Seoul by night with Metal Traveller :-)

I stayed all the time in Seoul and some of its surrounding areas.

I was greatfully surprised by this country. It's a very modern and well organized place, yet centuries old traditions are alive and can be seen everywhere.

The most important thiing is that the people are very kind and helpful. Even if they didn't speak English, I met dozens of friendly people. I'll tell you about them on the following pages.

Hard Rock Café Seoul... It was closed for 3 months when I visited

I wanted to eat at Seoul's Hard Rock Café but it was closed and being redecorated. Well, it wasn't really a bad news, I had one more Korean food dinner!

The next pages are about Suwon, Bukhansan National Park, Paju, and the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea.

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Korea Travel Guide

Korea Travel Guide

You want North? You want South? We got it covered. Take in fast-forward Seoul, find out why Koreans adore their mountains, then discover what's behind the hermetic facade of North Korea.

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