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March 2009

Korea Flag Korea: Funny and curious things I found in Seoul Flag Korea

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Let's start the Seoul pages with some funny and curious sights!

Pedestrian crossing strips are found (almost) everywhere in the world.
But this is the first time I see crssings with directions.

I was surprised to find this mill in the middle of the city

Don't worry about clothes. You'll find all sizes in Seoul.

A statue of a lady running on a roof...

Let's call it art...

Haha! This is the place not to buy anything because prices will be so much higher than anywhere else.

At least they tell you: locals don't buy anything here.

Can you find a better name for a restaurant?

I've seen fortune tellers reading cards on the streets in many places... but here is the first I see one with his own business and in the middle of the most modern part of the city.

Traditions are still alive in Korea, here's the proof.

I often saw this sign in front of the elevators.

Don't fall down...
I had seen pictures taken in Japan from those bathrooms.

But in Seoul it was the first time I saw and used one of them...
Take a look at the signs.

No need to speak Koean or to read the notice.
It's easy to find how does it work... But you won't know
how it feels until you test it!

When will all restrooms in the world be like this?
But don't think all public bathrooms are so modern.
You'll find all the kinds in Seoul...

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Korea Travel Guide

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