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March 2009

Korea Flag Korea: Seoul - Bukhansan National Park Flag Korea

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The Korean peninsula is a very mountanious area. There are a lot of hiking opportunities all over the country.

Bukhansan National Park is located right at the outskirts of Seoul, just 3 MRT stations from my hostel.

The name means "mountains north of the Han River", or "Big Mountain". I don't speak Korean so I don't know which one is the real meaning.

The area is also called Samgaksan, meaning "Mountain of three peaks".
It is also called Samgaksan¡, which means "Triangle Mountain".
This is because Bukhansan has 3 peaks: Baegundae (836.5m), Insubong (810.5m), and Mangyeongdae (799.5m).


I decided to spend a day hiking there and climb one of the three peaks.

Here's the view of Seoul while climbing the mountain.

Like most cities in Asia, Seoul is a mastodon, extending for several kilometers around.

I met a lot of friendly people while on this trek. Some people gave me water to drink when I stopped (I had a bottle of water, but they wanted me to drink from theirs...) and also some fruits.

2 other guys stared at my Iron Maiden shirt and began talking about music.

While I was on top, this girl came and gave me a gift: a bandana with the map on the National Park.

Her name is Taesok. She didn't speak much English but we went down from the mountain togethet with another guy (I'll show you a picture later).

There was a lot of people when I visited. The explanation is that it was saturday, and that the Park is just a short walk from the city and the subway.

There were people from all ages. Walking paths are very well signposted and the first part of the part is a very easy walk.
Of course then it becomes more difficult.


Here I am wearing Taesok's gift as we were walking down the mountain.

Bukhansan National Park Official Website

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