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March 2007

Flag Greece Greece - Thessaloniki - Part 1: The waterfront Flag Greece

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Small ships in Thessaloniki, Greece I took the first morning train from Athens so I arrived in Thessaloniki in the morning. I had the whole day to visit the city, although I couldn’t see everything.
As soon as got the Thessaloniki’s train station, lots of memories began to flow. I was there once before. It was the first Greek city I visited, on a trip to Bulgaria back in 2004.

I spent my whole day walking through the city, and at 8pm I took another train to Skopje, Macedonia.
Thessaloniki's waterfront from Nikis Avenue, Greece Thessaloniki is the second most important city in Greece, and the capital of the province of Macedonia.

Some tensions raise from time to time, because of the name, between Macedonia the country and Macedonia the Greek province. Greece didn’t accept that after independence from Yugoslavia, Macedonia decided to have this name.
That’s why the country is often referred as the FYROM, or Former Yugoslav Republic Of Macedonia.
Buildings in Nikis Avenue, Thessaloniki, Greece


The huge Aristotelous Square in Thessaloniki, Greece  
Greece Travel Guide

Greece Travel Guide

It's the gifts from strangers, the clank of the ferries, the rich tastes of honey and olives. It's storks on chimney tops, hard-drinking shepherds and monasteries on sandstone pillars. Dodge the crowds and find your own best Greek experience.

Metal Traveller with the White Tower in Thessaloniki, Greece  
Mosaics of the ancient basilica in Thessaloniki, Greece


The White TowerThessaloniki, Greece Macedonian (the country) nationalists wanted to issue a bank note with Thessaloniki’s White Tower on it… Of course Greece didn’t like this “United Macedonia” idea. Finally the bank note was never released.
Metal Traveller at the Ancient Theater of Thessaloniki, Madedonia  
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