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November 2010

Colombia Flag Colombia: Leticia Flag Colombia

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The town of Niksik, Colombia

Leticia is Colombia's southernmost city. It is located on the shores of the Amazon River.
The area is called "Tres Fronteras", or "Triple Border", as you can cross into the Brazilian town of Tabatinga or the Peruvian town of Santa Rosa.

The bus station in Leticia, Colombia

Leticia is a very pleasant city, and that's something I didn't really expect. It reminded me of San Andrés Town in Colombia's Caribbean for its easy going feeling.

Leticia is a more tourist friendly city than Tabatinga in Brazil. Leticia is much more relaxed, doesn't feel dangerous at all, and there are several tourist facilities and hotels of all categories.

Colourful houses in Leticia, Amazon rainforest, Colombia

Leticia was founded in ...

Catedral Nuestra Señora de la Paz (Cathedral Our Lady Of Peace) in Leticia, Colombia

Leticia is a small 35000 people ciity and does not have many architectural landmarks. Some remarkable buildings include the huge public library "Biblioteca del Banco de la República".

The Main church in Meticia is the Cathedral Our Lady Of Peace (Nuestra Señora de la Paz), right in front of Santander Park.

sThe bus station in Leticia, Colombia


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Parque Francisco Orellana in Leticia, Colombia

Altough Leticia is surrounded by nature, the city boasts two big city parks: Parque Francisco Orellana and Parque Santander.

A noisy but wonderful moment not to be missed while in Leticia is what locals call "La llegada de los loros", every day at sunset.
Hundreds of parrots arrive from all directions to sleep in the trees of Santander Park.
The parrots prefer to sleep in the city, which is a safer place than the jungle, away from predators like __ or anacondas.

Biblioteca del Banco de La República Leticia in Colombia  
Biblioteca del Banco de La República Leticia in Colombia

While walking the long Avenida Internacional you might find that at some point the name of the street name becomes Avenida Amizade and that street signs are in Portuguese.
That's when, without any border control, one gets to Tabatinga in Brazil.

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A colourful house, and a sex shop, in Leticia Streets


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Colombia travel guide

Colombia travel guide

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