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In 2006 I planned a long trip through Asia. But a couple of months before departing I decided to go to Australia for a few days and add it to the strip.

I visited Sydney but I stayed most of the time in Darwin and around: hiking in Litchfield National Park, swiimming in Berry Springs, getting close to the animals at the Territory Wildlife Park and hitchhiking around the Stuart Highway in places like Humpty Doo and Noonamah.
The Flag of Australia

My trip to Australia was short, but that's because at first I didn't even plan to go.
So, enjoy this travelogue and chose a city on the left side
Official name: Commonwealth Of Australia
Capital: Canberra
Official languages: English
Population: 21 610 000 (2009 Estimate)
Currency: Australian Dollar


Australia Travel Guide

Australia Travel Guide

How the hell do you get around this magnificent, monster country? Do you saddle up the caravan and take to the highways? This guide will show you how to do it all and love every minute of it.

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