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Capitals of Asia
March 2009

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Metal Traveller on the way to Singapore, onboard a Singapore Airlines Boeing 777

Hello, Dear Metal readers!

For the first time I’ll try to update pages from a trip as I’m travelling.
So right now I’m at the Paris CDG airport waiting for a flight to Singapore.

The long trip of the year came early in 2009… But it was nothing like planned!

Sumatra Island (Indonesia) from the plane

I first planned to spend 10 days in the Philippines, then a few days in Korea to attend the X Japan shows, and finally a few weeks in Thailand or Laos.

All this with 2 or 3-day stops in Singapore, Taipei and Kuala Lumpur.

Almost in Singapore!

Well, finally I ain’t going to the Philippines, KL and Laos, and I’m staying for just 3 days in Thailand.

I had to change plans and move to trip for personal reasons, but I’m happy at last I’m able to make it.

Southeast Asia on a Shoestring

Southeast Asia on a Shoestring

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Ships crossing the Singapore Strait

The name of this trip will be Capitals Of Asia.
It's not very original, but as I'm visiting only capiital cities, so I think it suits well.

Generally I try to travel to smaller cities and towns, but this time I couldn't make it because of lack of time.

Singapore Airlines Boeing 777 in Changi Airport, Singapore

First thing I did after checking-in at the hostel was to take a walk in Orchard Road.

Fells good to be back in this city!!

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Arrivals Hall at Changi Airport, Singapore

Visited Countries: Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand.

Visited Cities and places: Singapore, Seoul, Suwon, DMZ Korea, Taipei, Bangkok.

Travellers: Only me, but I have already met some friendly people on the road.

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