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To the Adriatic Coast
May 2007 Croatia

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The Croatian flag


Having Breakfast at the Cologne/Bonn Airport

We slept at a hotel not far from the Cologne / Bonn Airport.
Our German Wings flight to Split was very early in the morning, we had to wake up at 4 am to be on time.

I slept during the whole flight, and woke up over Croatia, just before landing.

Here we are having breakfast at the Köln/Bonn Airport, waiting for our flight.
Our car rental in Croatia

Split Airport is quite small but modern and comfortable. We went quickly through customs and then to the Avis desk for our car rental.
Car rental? Yes, it’s one of the very few trips I’ve booked one.

By the way, Stéphanie was driving.

Cratia's Coastline Normally I prefer to take the bus and the train from one spot to the next, but this time we were short of time so we thought the car would be a good idea. The great thing of renting a car is that you go where you want, when you want, and stay as much as you want. On the other side, the interaction with the locals is very limited, which is one of the best parts of any trip. We booked with Avis because they had the best offer at this time.
Scenic road in Croatia's Adriatic Coast
Anyway, driving out of the airport we just had to find the coastal highway and then head south. This road is truly beautiful: lots of islands on clear waters on one side, and greenery and mountains on the other. Hills, churches, small villages…the Dalmatian coast is for sure one of the most beautiful in Europe.
A small croatian village on the road No wonder why it’s becoming one of the trendiest tourist destinations. I just hope it doesn’t get spoiled, that tourist and investors respect the environment, the nature, the traditions and the local life.
The landscape on the road

The beach in Croatia

We stopped at some nice spots and beaches on our way, and a couple of hours later we reached the Bosnia-Herzegovina border.

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