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To the Adriatic Coast - Celebrating 3 years together
May 2007Germany : Aachen (Aix La Capelle)

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The Thalys Train in Aachen

Here is where the trip started, to celebrate 3 years together with Stéphanie.
We wanted to go to a country where we haven't been, and of course not that far, as we only had very few days. German Wings, one of Gernany's biggest low cost airlines gave us the idea: Why not discover Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Not a romantic country? Wrong, it's a spot that people really should discover.
So I got the tickets in January to travel in May from Cologne to Sarajevo, and found cheaper tickets on the Thalys train than with German Wings, so that would allow us to visit Aachen, or Aix La Chapelle if you prefer.

But a few weeks before the flight German Wings sent us an e-mail telling that their flights to Sarajevo had been cancelled. They offer either a refund or a light to any other destination. We really had to take a flight from Cologne as we already had train tickets to there, so we choose to fly to Split instead. This allowed us to visit Herzegovina, on the south of the Federation, a region we hadn't planned to visit at first and...Croatia , we could also have a glimpse of this country. So the initially planned trip Paris-Aachen-Cologne Airport-Sarajevo went Paris-Aachen-Croatia-Herzegovina-Croatia-Stuttgart Airport-Paris... I won't complain, even if I would have loved to stay more time as we were visiting more cities.
The Aachen Cathedral We took the Thalys train to Aachen very early in the morning, passing through Belgium and arriving in Aix La Chapelle about 3 hours later.
We had the whole day to explore Charlemagne's capital city. The atmosphere in the city is very relaxing: this saturday afternoon there was a lot of people in the streets, the Biergartens were opening, we saw two weddings...After this short visit it even became one of our favourites cities in Germany, which as you know is my favourite country.
Watching You from the Cathedral...  
Aachen Cathedral
Aachen City Hall
The City Hall Tower in Aachen  
Aachen City Hall  
The bar just besite the City Hall i Aachen  
Want a beer?  

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