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Casino de Paris - Paris, France
June 4, 2009

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Since Whitesnake reunited in 2002, they only visited Paris once for an acoustic show.
So this was Whitesnake's real return to this city. Quite late, after 7 years and at least 4 European tours. But we're used to that.

I've had the chance to see a few Whitesnake concerts before, but they were all in summer festivals.
This was my first indoors Whitesnake concert.

Whitesnake in Paris - June 4 2009

It was also my first time at the Casino de Paris.
It's a beautiful theatre in the 9th district.
David Coverdale liked it too: He said during the show that he felt like The Phantom Of The Opera!

So, Rockers and Metalheads from all ages gathered on that night for Whitesnake's return... and we had the show we were waiting for!

The first thing to say is that the sound was amazing. Never heard Whitesnake like this, they sounded great.

There was a huge light show too. As the stage of the Casino de Paris is quite small, it was really impressive.

The musicians were giving it all.

Reb Beach doesn't move that much and stayed on the right side most of the time, but there is a very unique feeling on his guitar parts.

Coverdale introduced him as "The Prince Of Porno". I don't want to know why! ;-)

It was funny how David Coverdale introduced Uriah Duffy. He said:
Let me introduce you to a desperate man. Paris, lock your girlfriends, your sisters and your wives! Uriah Duffy!

Woah, that's David Coverdale talking!
Whitesnake's shows are some of the concerts where there are most girls in the crowd (specially in Sweden) and they come for Coverdale... But it seems like finally it's Uriah who has the best time on tour ;-)

Whitesnake in Paris - June 4 2009

It's absolutely clear that Doug Aldrich has become the new guitar image of Whitesnake. It's hard to forget Adrian Vandenberg, Steve Vai, John Sykes or Bernie Marsden....

But Doug Aldrich has been in the band since 2002, seven years now, and he was introduced by Coverdale as:
The Lord Of the Les Paul, The Lord Of The Six-pack, please welcome My Litle Brother Doug Aldrich!

He's a very good performer and truly deserves his position in one of the biggest rock bands around.

David Coverdale told us that their return to Paris was not the only thing to celebrate.
With a ig smile on his face, he said "We're celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Slide it in album. And I think this is amazing, because I'm only 33!".

After a few songs, he reminded us that it was also the 20th Anniversary of the album Slip Of The Tongue!

David Coverdale from Whitesnake David Coverdale spent the night making a lot of jokes, but also talked about some serious subjects.
Coverdale said a few words about Obama's visit to France the following weekend. He was here on June 6, for the Normandy D-Day celebrations.

He also dedicated the song Ain't No Love In the Heart Of the City to the families people who lost their lives on Air France's Flight 447, who crashed earlier on the same week.

He chose the right words to speak about this and did it on a very polite way.

David Coverdale's voice was amazing on that night.
He sang well. Incredibly well.
So good that some of us thought that he did some playback on a few songs.
There's also a rumor on the Internet about David Coverdale performing on playback.

Well, I'm not completly sure. I know that during most of the show he was singing live, and his voice sounded powerful. But on a few songs I really asked myself if he was singing live or if it was a tape.

I'll probably never know.
I think he's got a great voice and can still reach very high notes, so he has no reason to do that.
I wish Rob Halford or Ozzy Osbourne could still sing like him!

Whitesnake playing at Le Casino de Paris, Paris

A roadie put a seat on the stage and Coverdale said: "Please Welcome, for the first time in Paris, The Whitesnake Chair! ... Oh maybe the second time!".
He was refering to the acoustic set they played here a few years ago.

We had an acoustic version of Blindman, performed only by Doug Aldrich and David Coverdale.
It was followed by The Deeper The Love, where they were joined by Uriah Duffy and Timothy Drury.

Chris Frazier from Whitesnake

After a short bass solo by Uriah Duffy, Coverdale asked "Is This The City Of Love??". Of course this made evrybody scream, and so they started their all-time hit Is This Love.

It was followed by Got What You Need and a nice drum solo by Chris Frazier. I'm not a big fan of drum solos, but this one was short and intense, so I enjoyed it.

Whitesnake played incredible versions of Here I Go Again and Still Of The Night. The audience kept on singing the lyrics of both songs even after the last notes.

The show ended with Coverdale giving a precious advise to the audience: Be Safe, Be Happy, and don't let anybody make you afraid.
Thus ended a magic concert. Did Coverdale used playback tapes? The question remains. But what's for sure, is that this was a night to remember!

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Setlist Whitesnake – Casino de Paris, Paris, France – June 4, 2009

01. Intro
02. Best years
03. Bad Boys
04. Can You Hear The Wind Blow
05. Love Ain't No Stranger
06. Guilty Of Love
07. Hit n'Run (Intro) + Lay Down Your Love
08. Blindman
09. The Deeper The Love
10. Bass solo + Is This Love
-- Doug Aldrich / Reb Beach Guitar Duel --
11. Got What You Need + Drum Solo
12. Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City
13. Give Me All Your Love Tonight
14. Here I Go Again
15. Still Of The Night
16. Fool For Your Lovin'

Whitesnake live in Paris - Casino de Paris - June 4 2009

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David Coverdale - Vocals
Doug Aldrich - Lead Guitars
Reb Beach - Lead Guitars
Uriah Duffy - Bass
Chris Frazier - Drums
Timothy Drury - Keyboards
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