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Wacken, Germany
July 31 , 2009

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Tony Portaro from Whiplash live at Wacken Open Air

Whiplash is a band that I never thought I’ll get to see in concert.

I was really pleased when I learnt thay we’re playing at Wacken.

I remember listening to the albums Insult To Injury, Ticket To Mayhem and Power And Pain with my friend Ricardo when we were 15. Those were good moments!

Richi Day and Tony Portaro with Whiplash in Wacken

Of the original Tonys - all original band members were named Tony: Tony Portaro (vocals, guitar), Tony Scaglione (drums) and Tony Bono (bass) – only Tony Portaro was here.

Unfortunately Tony Bono died in 2002, and Tony Scaglione didn’t take part on the reunion.

Tonight Whiplash's line-up was composed by Joe Cangelosi (who was already the drummer on the 1987 album Ticket to Mayhem) and Richi Day on bass.

Joe Cangelosi and Tony Portaro live in Wacken

Whiplash setlist was composed of only 9 songs, and included tunes from just two albums: Six songs from their first album Power And Pain and three from the latest one, Unborn Again.

That's short, but intense!

The band performed very good versions of those songs, and that made the audience headbang nd mosh for 45 minutes non-stop.

They had few lights, but the sound was good.

Frank Blackfire with Richi Day from Whiplash in Wacken

There was a special guest on the show: Former Kreator and Sodom guitarist Frank Blackfire joined Whiplash on stage to perform the song Parade Of Two Legs.

That was a good moment, as we don't often get the chance to see this musician on stage.

Frank Blackfire as a guest from Whiplash live at Wacken Open Air

Whiplash was to me one of the best surprises of Wacken festivals.
Despite playing at the small Wet Stage, they just set Wacken on fire.

If you like Thrash Metal, try to get some of the albums of this band. You won't be disappointed.

And if Whiplash happen to play in your town, don't miss them and get ready for a good Old-School Thrash Metal concert!

Tony Portaro from Whiplash live at Wacken Open Air

The next band was Bullet For My Valentine.
I just saw a couple of songs so I’m not going to make a review, but they sounded good.

Time to drink a beer, eat a hamburger and get ready for Motörhead!

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Setlist Whiplash – Wacken Open Air Festival, Wacken, Germany – July 31, 2009

01. Last Man Alive
02. War Monger
03. Spit on Your Grave
04. Feeding Frenzy
05. Parade Of Two Legs
06. Pitbulls In The Playground
07. Stage Dive
08. Power Thrashing Death
09. Nailed To The Cross

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Whiplash Line-up:

Tony Portaro - Vocals / Guitars
Richi Day - Bass
Joe Cangelosi - Drums
Richard Day and Tony Portaro from Whiplash in Wacken - July 31 2009
Tony Portarofrom Whiplash in Wacken
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