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Wacken, Germany
August 1 , 2009

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Guitar Gagnster Michael Poulsen

Oh yeah ! Time for Volbeat live in Wacken ! This was one of the shows I was expecting the most!

Volbeat can play in a huge festival or in a small club, their show is always explosive.

Thomas Bredahl with Volbeat in Wacken

Michael Poulsen came on stage dressed as the guitar gangster he is, with a vest over a white shirt.

Of course his speeches were full of humour, making jokes about Wacken and about music.

Jon Larsen and Anders Kjølholm live in Wacken

They had a customized stage, with the cover artwork of their latest album.

As most other bands at Wacken they had a very good sound, and quite loud too.

The audience went completely mad from the first song, but even more with the second one: Radio Girl.

Michael Poulsen's Cadillac Blood

Volbeat surprised us with a cover song from the Misfits: Anfelf**k.
I was really glad about this, as this one happens to be one of the favourite songs of those punk rock legends!

Volbeat's setlist honoured the album Rock The Rebel / Metal The Devil, from which 7 songs were played (actually six and a half, Boa wasn't played enterely).

Thomas Bredahl playing The Garden's Tale

During The Garden’s Tale crowdsurfers came from everywhere.
This song was one of the highlights of the show, and Volbeat played an amazing and very energetic version.

The last song was We, followed by the first riffs of Slayer’s Raining Blood.

Thomas Bredahl, Jon Larsen and Michael Poulsen

Micheal Poulsen thanked the audience at the end by saying “You’ve been Rock, You’ve been Metal, You’ve been Punk! And We’ve been Volbeeeeat!”

This show is on my top 5 of Wacken's 2009 best concerts!

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Setlist Volbeat – Wacken Open Air Festival, Wacken, Germany – August 1, 2009

01. Intro: End Of The Road
02. Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood
03. Hallelujah Goat
04. Radio Girl
05. Sad Man's Tongue
06. Mr. & Mrs. Ness
07. Angelf**k (Misfits)
08. The Human Instrument
09. Boa / Rebel Monster
10. The Garden's Tale
11. River Queen
12. Still Counting
13. I Only Wanna Be With You (Dusty Springfield)
14. We + Raining Blood (Slayer)

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Volbeat Line-up:

Michael Poulsen - Guitar & Vocals
Thomas Bredahl - Guitar
Anders Kjølholm - Bass
Jon Larsen - Drums
Thomas Bredahl and Anders Kjølholm from Volbeat in Wacken - August 1 2009
Jon Larsen and Anders Kjølholm from Volbeat in Wacken
Volbeat thanks Wacken
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