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La Scène Bastille - Paris, France
October 8, 2008

Michael Poulsen and Anders Kjølholm of Volbeat - Live in Paris, France - October 8 2008 Volbeat are finally back in town!

First I have to say that the new Volbeat album, “Guitar Gangsters and Cadillac Blood” is one of my favourite albums of this year.

So, you can imagine how excited I was about this concert. The first time I saw Volbeat was on this same stage, in February 2008, and they blew my mind.

Tonight it was also a special occasion: it was the first date of the “Guitar Gangsters and Cadillac Blood” tour.
Thomas Bredahl of Volbeat - Paris, La Scène Bastille, October 8 2008
The opening act tonight was Stuck Mojo, but I finished late at the office and I missed them.

Anyway I got to La Scène Bastille during Volbeat’s soundcheck. There were maybe 400 people attending the show, and venue looked full. I don’t know if it was sold-out, but there were people all over the pit.

The stage was decorated with backdrops from the latest album and the amps as well as the microphones were totally customized for Volbeat.

It’s glad to see that the band is becoming bigger and have this kind of customized gear on stage. They deserve it!
Anders Kjølholm - Volbeat Live in Paris, October 2008
During the intro the band members came on stage one by one and played the first three songs in a raw. Let me just tell you that hearing such an energetic version of “Back To Prom” at the beginning of the show gets you in the mood for the whole evening!

The sound was great, although a bit loud. You could hear every instrument clearly, as well as Michael Poulsen’s voice.

After those three songs Michael introduced his band, as usual as “Pretty Maids from Denmark”.
Most fans know this joke already, but it still makes everybody laugh!

Michael has a great sense of humour; he didn’t stop joking during the show.

There was a Danish guy in he audience, as well as two people from Los Angeles, California. Michael was very happy about this fact: he made the whole audience clap for them, and promised they’ll get a free T-shirt by the end of the show. And suddenly, everyone at the venue was coming from Los Angeles ;-)
Michael Poulsen from Volbeat with his apple juice- Paris, La Scene Bastile, October 8 2008

Michael dedicated the song Sad Mans Tongue to his father.
Later on the show, he dedicated “Light Away” to his mother.

He also brought a bottle of Jack Daniels “apple juice” on stage to share a drink with the audience. And I was lucky I could have some!

After that he asked the audience if they like Heavy Metal, and started to play the intro of Slayers’ "South Of Heaven".

Michael Poulsen sharing a drink of his "apple juice"
Michael asked us if we liked the new Metallica record, “Death Magnetic”, and of course most of the audience roared “yeeeeeeeees!!!!!!”.
He said that he liked it very much too, and introduced the song “The Wild Rover Of Hell ” as their tribute to Metallica.

By the way, I saw Michael after the show and he was wearing a Death Magnetic T-shirt.
Anders Kjølholm with Christian Pedersen on acoustic guitar - Volbeat live in Paris, October 2008
Christian Padersen came a few times on stage to play songs Sad Mans Tongue, I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry, and of course The Garden’s Tale.

Michael said Christian has a band in Denmark and I thought I heard the name was Aqua. But I might be wrong, as I haven’t found any rock or metal band with that name on the Internet.
Thomas Bredhal from Volbeat ready to go to the dentist
Thomas Bredhal was absolutely unchained.
He was jumping all over the stage and moving from side to side.

That guy makes a great part of the show, just like Dregen from Backyard Babies, which I saw two days before.

The concert ended after a four song encore, including the hits “The Gardens Tale” and “The Human Instrument”.
Well, it was amazing! Almost an hour and a half of pure joy. It was of the best concerts I’ve seen this year.

A lot of bands need some dates on tour before giving their their best, but I can tell you that Volbeat were great from the first show of the tour.

Well, after a so amazing show I might see them again on saturday in Belgium.

One last thing: Don’t miss Volbeat if they come to you town!
Michael Poulsen looks like James hetfield... Volbeat Live in Paris, October 2008
Set List Volbeat - Paris, France - La Scène Bastille, October 8 2008.

01.Guitar Gangsters And Cadillac Blood
02.Back To Prom
03.Caroline Leaving
04.Radio Girl
05.Sad Mans Tongue
07.Soulweeper II
08.A Moment Forever
09.Maybelenne I Hofteholder
10.Light Away
11.The Wild Rover Of Hell
12. Still Counting
13.I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
14.Pool Of Booze
15.The Gardens Tale
17.The Human Instrument
18. Boa
Thomas Bredahl and Jon Larsen from Volbeat - Paris, La Scene Bastile, October 8 2008
Michael Poulsen - Guitar & Vocals
Thomas Bredahl - Guitar
Anders Kjølholm - Bass
Jon Larsen - Drums

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