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Hof Ter Lo - Antwerpen, Belgium
October 11, 2008

Volveat live in Antwerpen, Belgium, October 11 2008 First of all, many thanks to Volbeat’s manager for making this show possible for us.

After the great concert they made in Paris on Wednesday, Christelle and I were really looking forward to see Volbeat again. Unfortunately the only concert of the tour we could make was in Antwerpen the following Saturday, but it was sold-out.
We talked to the manager after the show in Paris and he told us that if we got to Antwerpen we would be in the guest-list. That was great! Now we had a plan for Saturday night!
Michael Poulsen of Volbeat live in Antwerpen, Belgiul, October 11 2008
On Saturday I went to Christelle’s and we drove all the way to Antwerpen listening to Volbeat on her car.
Once again, I really find their latest album “Guitar Gangsters and Cadillac Blood” to be a great work.

The Hof Ter Lo is a big venue. I think its maximum capacity is 2500 people. The floor is inclined so whenever you are you can see the stage.

There’s also a CD and DVD stand selling records from all kinds of Rock and Metal bands, and drinks (Coke or Beer) are 1,75€…very cheap compared with Paris when in general a Beer is 5€…
Anders Kjølholm - Volbeat Live in Antwerpen, October 2008
Just beside Hof Ter Lo there is another concert venue, and the band Gorefest was playing there.

This time I could see Volbeat’s opening acts: Serum 114 and Stuck Mojo. I'll write soon a review about their shows.

As the stage in Hof Ter Lo was much bigger than Paris, it was totally customized for Volbeat. There was a big backdrop with the logo of the band, and a large flag on each side of the stage.

As soon as the lights went down and the band started to play the song “Guitar Gangsters and Cadillac Blood”, the audience went totally crazy.
Headbanging, jumping, crowdsurfing, pogo… and songs that followed such as “Back To Prom” or “Radio Girl” didn’t calm anyone.

Thomas Bredhal in Antwerpen, Belgium, October 11 2008
Since I discovered Volbeat I have always said that they’re a great live band, and that was confirmed tonight.

Again Michael dedicated “Sad Mans Tongue” to his father who was probably “drinking Whiskey with Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash in heaven, or in hell”, he said.

He also brought his Jack Daniels bottle and shared some with a few fans.

The setlist changed a bit since the previous concert, and I was very pleased to hear “Mary Anne’s Place”.
With these two shows, I actually have heard almost the whole album played live.

Michael was also making jokes between the songs, although he didn’t introduced the band as Pretty Maids this time.

When introducing their latest single he asked “Do you Know Maybelline? … Yes? … Well, how is she doing? Is she OK?”
Christian Padersen playing with Volbeat, Antwerpen, Belgium, October 11 2008
Again the sound was great but the band performance’s was a bit less good than in the previous concert I saw. For example Michael forgot the lyrics during two songs. But that wasn’t a problem the concert was great anyway.
On the other hand, the audience was far much better than in Paris: 5 or 6 times more people, all yelling, screaming, moving and singing the lyrics.

Well, another great concert this year.

On the way back home we listened again to the latest Volbeat album. Oh yeah, we never get enough ;-)

Once again, don’t forget, if they play in your town, don’t miss that show!
Michael Poulsen and his Jack Daniels. Antwerpen, Belgium, October 11 2008
Set List Volbeat - Antwerpen, Belgium - Hof ter Lo, October 11 2008.

01.Guitar Gangsters And Cadillac Blood
02.Back To Prom
03.Caroline Leaving
04.Radio Girl
05.Say Your Number
06.Sad Mans Tongue
08.Soulweeper II
09.A Moment Forever
10.Maybelenne I Hofteholder
11.Light Away
13.Pool Of Booze
14.Mary Ann's Place
15.I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
17.The Human Instrument
18.The Gardens Tale
19.Still Counting
Anders Kjølholm - Volbeat Live in Antwerpen, October 2008
Volbeat live at the Hof Ter Lo, Antewerpen, Belgium, October 11 2008
Michael Poulsen - Guitar & Vocals
Thomas Bredahl - Guitar
Anders Kjølholm - Bass
Jon Larsen - Drums

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