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LIVE You To Death
Release date: November 26 2012

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Genre: Heavy / Thrash Metal
Metal Traveller Rating: (3,5/5 - Very good)

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Vicious Rumors album cover

2011 was a very busy year for Vicious Rumors.
The band toured the whole world to promote the album Razorback Killers, with almost 100 shows.

Well, it's almost 20 years since published its previous Live Album, so it was the perfect ocasion to release a new one!


LIVE You To Death was recorded in december 2011, when the band was on tour with Hammerfall.

On the title, LIVE is written in capital letters, and for good reason. This album sounds raw, and I bet there are no overdubs! The energy of the band is intense and can be felt during the 9 songs performed.
The whole band sounds great, and singer Brian Allen delivers a great performance.
The CD only features two songs from Razorback Killers: Murderball and Let The Garden Burn. Brian Allen proves that he deserves to font Vicious Rumors, he does a great singing classics like Digital Dictator or Down to The Temple.

Sadly, this Live Album features only 9 songs. That's way too short to sum up more that 30 years of Metal!
But in fact, this album is not a retrospective of their career: Besides the two songs from Razorback Killers, this album only features songs from Vicious Rumors' early records.
From their debut Soldiers of the Night they play the title track. There are two songs from the album Digital Dictator (Replicant / Digital Dictator and Minute To Kill) and three from the album Vicious Rumors (Down To the Temple, Hellraiser and Don’t Wait For Me). Abandoned was the chose track to represent Welcome to the Ball.

It's sad that nothing from the next 5 following records but in the end, that makes an intense setlist! Time passes too fast when listing to LIVE You To Death and when it's over, we still want more!

Well, more is what we got! There are two special studio recordings at the end: Sign of the Southern Cross from Black
and Running Wild from Judas Priest. They're both great versions, especially Sign of the Southern Cross, which is also a great tribute to the late Ronnie James Dio.

If you like Vicious Rumors, you cannot miss this album, recorded during one of their most succesful tours. 7 classic songs and 2 new songs performed live plus 2 cover versions of all-time metal classics... LIVE You To Death might be a short concert, but it's intense, and definitely worth!

Vicious Rumors

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Vicious Rumors Line-up:

Brian Allen – Vocals
Geoff Thorpe – Guitars
Bob Capka – Guitars
Stephen Goodwin – Bass
Larry Howe - Drums

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Tracklist LIVE You To Death

01. Replicant / Digital Dictator
02. Minute To Kill
03. Murderball
04. Lady Took A Chance / Down To The Temple
05. Abandoned
06. Let The Garden Burn
07. Hellraiser
08. Soldiers Of The Night
09. Don't Wait For Me
10. Sign Of The Southern Cross
Black Sabbath Cover
11. Running Wild
Judas Priest Cover

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