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Vicious Rumors
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LIVE You To Death
Vicious Rumors
LIVE You To Death
CD Review

Electric Punishment
Release date: April 29 2013

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LIVE You To Death
LIVE You To Death

Vicious Rumors Alcatraz Metal Fest
Live at Alcatraz Festival 2011
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Genre: Heavy / Thrash
Metal Traveller Rating: (3,5/5 - Very good)

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Vicious Rumors album cover

After an extensive world tour that was captured on the album LIVE You To Death, Vicious Rumors is back with a studio album called Electric Punishment.

Vicious Rumors is definitely an underrated band. Well, it's time for a change, and Electric Punishment has the potential to make things change!

The album begins with I Am The Gun, an excellent fast song that's also has a video clip. No time to rest, Black X List comes next and destroys everything in its path. And then there's Electric Punishment, a slow, heavy and really powerful song!

Woah, after only 3 songs, the new Vicious Rumors album is already blowing my mind!


Electric Punishment is as intense as diverse, ranging from Thrash and Heavy Metal. There are some great classic songs like for example D Block or Thirst For A Kill.
But there are some other surprising tunes, like this kind of power ballad called Escape (From Hell), this slow and heavy song called Eternally, and Together We Unite, an hymn that all fans will sing in concert.

The last song is Strange Ways, a cover taken from KISS' album Hotter Than Hell. It sounds OK, but I in my opinion it does not swing enough.

This is the second Vicious Rumors record with Brian Allen, who joined the band in 2009. He's got a very versatile voice, he sounds great on his high and low ranges. No doubt that this is an excellent choice as a singer!

The sound of the album is excellent and the guitars are particularly highlighted. Unique riffs and fluid solos, that's the magical recipe from Geoff Thorpe!
Some guests came to give a hand to their mates. For example, guitar legend Brad Gillis plays on D-Block, Together We Unite and Eternally, while Bob Capka, the band's live guitarist, plays a solo from outer space on D-Block.

Electric Punishment is a powerful album, varied and spontaneous. No doubt, the fans of the band will be delighted. For everyone else, it's time to discover Vicious Rumors! It is not too late!

Vicious Rumors the band

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Vicious Rumors Line-up:

Brian Allen – Vocals
Geoff Thorpe – Guitars
Thean Rasmussen – Guitars
Stephen Goodwin – Bass
Larry Howe - Drums

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Tracklist Electric Punishment

01. I Am The Gun
02. Black X List
03. Electric Punishment
04. D-Block
05. Escape (From Hell)
06. Dime Store Prophet
07. Together We Unite
08. Eternally
09. Thirst For A Kill
10. Strange Ways
KISS cover

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